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  1. I just updated. I can say that this is the most beautiful cockpit lighting. A320 has strange spots on the panel. And here the light is amazing. FPS is great! Thanks for this bird !! I'll see how he behaves in flight.
  2. We have long been awaiting this beautiful aircraft in P3Dv5. Is there any information about the release dates?
  3. Let's test together! Microsoft is a good example in 2020 and is moving fast. Milviz with KA350i worked the same pattern. This plane is perfect now. you probably know that better than I do))
  4. I manually added lines to the addon.cfg It seems to me that the file is deleted when changing the settings in the P3D options
  5. All fonts remained in place. addons.cfg removes the lines Airbuses
  6. Hello! I encountered an incomprehensible error. It appears after the computer restarts. To get rid of the error, I set the planes again. Everything is going well until I turn off the computer. As a result, every day you have to install planes again. Other aircraft without problems. What a problem with the font. I do the installation as administrator. Steam is disabled. Windows Defender is disabled.
  7. I see flood light only on a pedestal. Is it just me?
  8. I look at this menu and think the new release is nearby)
  9. Is the new version already available? I do not see this in SimMarket
  10. Great news! I tried to launch it on the 5th version. But it didn’t work out. Good thing you're focused on P3dv5
  11. I want to know if all aircraft systems work correctly in the latest update? Yesterday I experienced problems with the pressure of the cabin and the rupture of the route on the display. Although there was no gap in the FMS.
  12. In addition, there is still no real weather for v5 Can not rush
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