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  1. Everytime. As i was on the runway i didnt need to pushback but i tried it anyway. This is really weird as its only apparently happening at Antarctic stations (NZWD, NZIR and NZPG) Normally i'd just ignore it and fly from somewhere else but i'm taking part in a global fly in with my Virtual Airline and i'll be stuck if i cannot continue from here
  2. sorry, not sure what you mean?
  3. Just had the above error appear in ECAMs for the first time in the A321 and cannot get rid of it. Tried reloading the flight several times but it just wont disappear. Flight is departing NZWD from default runway (no pushback) as part of a global event and extremely frustrating its appeared. can anyone please advise.
  4. I have created a flight plan using Simbrief for SAWB/NZWD, saved in correct format and in flightplan folder as per usual. On the INIT page When i enter into To/From it comes up with "New Waypoint NZWD" NOT IN DATABASE so I assume it doesnt recognise the airport and requires the Lat/Long so enter 7752.2S/16703.3E select LSK2 but it then just jumps back to the INIT page! Am i missing something? ,flp [CoRte] ArptDep=SAWB ArptArr=NZWD RwyDep=SAWB23 RwyArr=NZWD25 DctWpt1=7061W DctWpt1Coordinates=-70.000000,-61.000000 DctWpt2=7466W DctWpt2Coordinates=-74.00
  5. I though the whole idea was that the checklists were optional and changing the states by the ACFT was ok?
  6. I calculated a fuel load (14,494) using Airbus X Fuel Planner and loaded using the "generate loadsheet" into the A321. I then used the right MCDU and load/fuel function and init loadsheet. Aircraft fuelled to correct level. I then used the ACFT state to change to "Taxi" and the fuel dropped to 8200? Reset using the init loadsheet/instant and fuel level returned to the correct 14,494. Then used the ACFT state to change to "Take-Off" and again fuel dropped to 8200! Had to again init loadsheet/instant before takeoff! Has anyone come across this issue before. Any help appreciated.
  7. Tom Totally confused but happy, the fix worked...although I had definitely installed it previously! Not sure if its a culmination of other changes I have made today but I wouldn't have reapplied the fix unless you suggested it so thanks, much appreciated.
  8. Tom just realised "Failed to open image file: C:\Users\Gary\Documents\Aerosoft\Airbus\MCDU_Dspl.png" there isn't actually a file with that name in the folder? How is it initially created?
  9. indeed I am...straight from the installed .exe not from a shortcut either. Read and reread all the suggestions...bloody thing just wont work!
  10. Just cannot get this application to work! So far have reinstalled (with no Antivirus) twice as an admin, updated runtimes, changed file access to read/write, updated Simconnect, changed .jpg files, tried older versions of software, shutdown firewall and every other trick and suggestion I can find....and i'm still getting the MCDU on the 2nd PC/Ipad cold/dark with no data showing! I'm running Aerosoft A320/A321 FSX on a Windows 10 machine with both FSX and Xconnect as Admin. Below is the log generated and I can see the common issues of: PIPE: Unable to open named pipe \\.\pi
  11. Tom Got it in one...I had Hyper V adapter running! Now just back to a black screen with no keyboard showing on the remote PC...looks like I need to go back through the threads Thanks for you help
  12. Is your file format for the flight plans correct. All mine say .flp?
  13. I'm getting absolutely know where using the Xconnectextended facility. Cannot even get other computers on my LAN to show the MCDU. i'm trying to understand how the connectivity works so I can troubleshoot. The IP range on my network is 192.168.1.* but I keep seeing different ranges and subnets being displayed from the application. At the moment its saying to connect to and yesterday it gave a 192.168.33.* address. My question is what determines the address that is being supplied by the Program?
  14. so I again deleted the program, removed all the Aerosoft folders, reinstalled the runtime routines, shut down the antivirus and firewall, reinstalled the program as an Admin, started FSX as admin with the A321 from scratch...and It works!! No idea what I did differently this time? its certainly a fussy program to install
  15. To clarify...on the Aerosoft website I searched under FSX, NOT FSX Steam. The actual download I received is called AS_Airbus-A320-A321_FSX-P3D-FXSTEAM.Zip
  16. Hi So I tried loading the A321 direct from startup and still the same issue. Why would I go to Steam to resolve the issue when I purchased the application directly from the Aerosoft website? It was the only version available.
  17. I know this topic has been covered to death but not sure if I have a slightly unique issue. Everything works fine with the left MCDU when using the A320, but if I switch to the A321 none of the buttons are active. If I then try to switch back to the A320 it still doesn't work. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program (As admin with Anti Virus disabled), tried updating the runtime routines (from 2013 upwards as previous are no longer available)but now not sure where to go next? I'm using FSX and Aerosoft version is A320-A321 V1.31 Steam edition. Any advice appreci
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