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  1. Okay, thanks for the clarification. Glad to know that it still works correctly even if the animation does appear slow, and that it's only a visual thing. Thanks for the help Emanuel.
  2. Hi Emanual, I can't completely tell if i'm getting the full effect of the speedbrakes immediately or if it's coming on slowly over time with the animation (perhaps that's just me thinking it because of what i'm visually seeing). I've just tested again now whilst flying on the flight deck without looking over the wing and yes, it does feel like the effect is quicker than the animation.
  3. Hi Mathijs and Emanuel, I've created two videos demonstrating my issue, one on the ground and one airborne. For reference, I'm using version Ground: Airborne:
  4. Hi all, Apologies if this has already been asked / answered however I couldn't find any similar topic. My issue with the A330 (and only issue, it's amazing otherwise) is that the speedbrakes / spoilers are INCREDIBLY SLOW at deploying. For example, when touching down and the speedbrakes auto deploy it takes around 6 seconds for them to get fully out. The same in the air, where if I deploy full speedbrakes to try and lose 30-40 knots of airspeed in descent they take forever to deploy and almost makes them feel pointless. On a landing by the time 6 seconds has passed I've
  5. Hi Mathijs, So I did some extended troubleshooting a few days ago and have been flying with the A320 (CFM and IAE) and A319 (IAE) over the last few days and have discovered a workaround to the issue which does come with a drawback. For the workaround, Instead of starting engines following the correct procedure of switching the engine mode starter switch to ignition and then starting both engines one by one (like the real world), I press CTRL + E, then switch the mode selector to ignition and start engines both one by one. I'm not too sure what effect CTRL+E has but it s
  6. Hi Mathijs, I've done some troubleshooting in-sim over the last hour or so, relaunched the sim a few times and discovered it's no longer making the sound. This has happened before when it sort of just comes and goes randomly. I too don't know what could be causing it however hopefully it doesn't come back. Thanks for the response.
  7. Hello all, Recently I have noticed an issue with the A318/19/20/21 professional where there is a 'popping' or 'cracking' sound present (applies to all engine types, most audible on CFM engine) - specifically on the left audio channel - whilst in VC. The frequency is about every 2 seconds and only audible with engines running. Frequency doesn't change depending on engine RPM, it's constantly fixed at 2 seconds. External sounds do not have this issue, only internal when in VC. This is becoming very annoying and I have run out of ideas of what it could be. I have rein
  8. You sir, just may be a genius. I've ran the elevation tool in ORBX Vector, as well as changed the ORBX insertion order to underneath my addon sceneries and i'm currently slewing around ENGM observing a perfect airport with no doubling up issues (fingers crossed). Just going to quickly check some other airports and regions (such as some in england) to ensure the insertion order hasn't screwed anything else up. Thank you @DaveCT2003
  9. Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. 1) Nope. 2) Nope. 3) I've gone into FTX Central and changed the ORBX insertion point to AFTER Mega Airport Oslo seeing as I have now figured out it's FTX Norway injecting an 'updated ENGM' airport. HOWEVER, if I load them after Mega Airport Oslo, the problem of two airports loading is fixed but elevation is all wrong and everything is all over the place. Terminal is in the ground, gates are way above ground and aircraft is above ground. Ground textures are floating and all sorts. If I revert it back to loading BEFORE Mega Airp
  10. Hi, It's P3D. I have since found the culprit. Part of my FTX Norway (EU Norway) includes an upgraded ENGM which I cannot still figure out how to disable. I disabled the 'EU Norway' addon in the Add-Ons list in P3D and the problem was solved, but now I don't get the rest of the entire FTX Norway product so trying to find a way to disable just ENGM inside it. The control panel for it doesn't have the option either.
  11. Hi all, I have been stuck on this one for a while now and after trawling through the internet and several forums I've not found anything specific to my issue. Essentially, I have installed Mega Airport Oslo V2.0 from new and it's loading along with the default ENGM scenery and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to stop the default from loading. I have also tried uninstalling, restarting and reinstalling the scenery, with the same issue still being present, as well as deleting the scenery.cfg to allow P3D to generate a new one and still no success. I
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