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  1. OK thanks ! I will adjust my cookie settings.
  2. I believe it's OK now ! I was testing "McMurdo Station" regarding the approach lighting. But that is not entirely sure whether they work. The fire pots at SAWB "Base Marambio" are GREAT! You can feel the heat of the fire ... But the "Config Tool" seems to work well. [The changed "config.ini" is also included in the update]. Thank you for your contributions ! šŸ˜‰ I also have to reset my password every time I enter the forum because I am not recognized. Guus Dekker.
  3. Hi M, Thanks for reply ! I try to find: " " but can not find it ?! Mathijs mentioned it should have it in my "Order History" ? Can not find that either ! BUT ... Mathijs also came with a new "config.ini" file, and that make the error vanish ! And sorry but for me this website and/or the forum is not very user friendly. Maybe because I am new on this site ... Regards, Guus.
  4. Hi Mathijs, I install the box version 1.0.0 just inside the main FSX directory. Regards, Guus Belgium
  5. Hi, I recently bought "Antarctica-X" (V1.00) and later updated it online to V1.30 FSX. However, if I want to change the season within the "Scenery Tool / Config Tool", I get this message: "could not put data for" Season " and / or " missing season.exe ". Doesn't seem OK to me ... What can I do about it ? Greetings, Guus.
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