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  1. Hello, when I create a tanker aircraft via TacPack and get close to the basket to refuel, instead of getting filled up with fuel all tanks of the F-14 get rapidly drained to 0 fuel and after few seconds the F-14 engines consequently go out (for the procedure the tanker's basket is extracted, the F-14's fuel probe is as well extracted and speed is 240 ktns. Once I'm close to the basket, in the Shift-1 HUD it is displayed SUMPING). I'm using FSX SP2 (v. 10.0.61472.0), TacPack (v. and the F-14 extended V. 1.10. I tried to spawn a tanker using the aerosoft F-14's scenarios to see if it is working there, but all the scenarios are not working, even if I spawn the Kitty Hawk via TacPack, tune the correct TACAN channel and are within 50 nm.
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