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  1. I contacted the PFPX support and I will take it from there when they get back to me, in the mean time I just have to do all the FMS stuff manually witch I thought would be a pain but its turning out not to bad. Anyway thanks for taking a look in to it for me Hans, I do appreciate you looking at the file PFPX made for the CRJ's FMS, and on the topic of the CRJ, I am really enjoying flying it alot and it has made me want to come back and keep playing FSX, I usually would play for a week or 2 and then stop for a long while. anyway thanks for your help on the subject but like you said its a PFPX issue so I'm done with this thread, I can be closed if need be. PS sry I did not reply sooner, started playing battletech, and binged for a few weeks kinda forgot about this post in that time. Anyway thanks again time for me to get better at flying the CRJ700 (By using FSpassnger and not scaring the crap out of my passengers)
  2. Just want to add that since making this post and discovering the issues I am experiencing (It has not been game breaking at all just inconvenient) I have come to appreciate the power of the FMS computer. I have not figured it all out yet, most of my knowledge is from the tutorial book and some from the FMS manual but i got enough to the point were i can use it successfully, its just a pain to have to manually enter every rout (I'm using PFPX to make the route and then I enter the route string) but then when I'm done I can save it for later. There is one thing I have noticed when making routes departing CYEG and again CYVR, unlike in the tutorial were I would have to option to plot a transition from the SID at these airports at least I dont have a transition option in the dep menu after selecting the SID (and i tried more then one SID and no Trans option) so the only option is getting Vectors form ATC and when done removing VECT from the Legs menu, and its not a problem for me to do that, I always fly with ATC anyway it just I wonder is it supposed to be this way or do i have a setting wrong/missing a step and maybe this is the cause of all my before mentioned aggravation with PFPX and the FMS. so in short is it normal at some airports to get no Trans options after selecting a SID and having to get vectors from ATC or am I doing it wrong, I am quite noobish and a filthy casual when it come to flight sims but im more than willing to learn, be it a slow place at times. Thanks for reading me talking to my self and as always I would appreciate any help and thanks fro you time.
  3. Well I made a support ticket with FligtSimSoft.com and linked this post, explained my situation and the conclusion I came to regarding this problem, we will see if they get back to me soon but from what i read there support is very minimal.... In the mean time is there a alternate program I can use for PFPX, preferably it gives flight plans for the CRJ700/900, Airbus A319,A319,A320,A321 FMS so I can use on board navigation to do my flying, this problem has held me up for 2 whole days so far and I would like to move on with my life I have FSpassenger flights to do and would like to do them instead of trouble shoot. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks for reading In the mean time I will be relegated to programming all nav data in to the FSM manually... well I guess I will have try and make it line up with ATC, or can I send a flight plan from the FSM to ATC... I got some reading to do...
  4. Wow found this post in the PFPX section Can't load PFPX flight plans into CRJ, this guy is having the same problem with flight plans made in PFPX not working with CRJ FSM and it looks like there is a bug in the way PFPX makes flight plans and he has been waiting for support on the problem since July and according to his last post they have yet to get back to him... not good.....
  5. I tried to force the update but I think it just brought me back to 1.2.3 and further looking in to it I was trying to get to experimental ver. so i was going backwards thinking I was going forwards and I dont think i solved anything going to see if anything changed with the update I forced but i doubt it, most likely back to square one Ya no joy, still wont accept my flight plan 😕
  6. Ok i did some reading here in the forums and read the pinned msg about the CRJ's FSM having a issue with the new nav data, I have been trying to follow the procedure to update to experimental but I"m having issues with the update program not letting me update to experimental after I follower the instructions and restarting the program, going to keep working on it any tips or help would be appreciated. it tells me regular and experimental updates are for this product but wont let me do any updating 😕
  7. Was just thinking and it might be helpful for some one to see the flight plan I made, I'm going to drop the CRJ.flp and FSX.pln files here CYWGCYVR01.pln CYWGCYVR01.flp
  8. I'm quite new to this stuff so if I have missed something obvious pls dont chew my head off. Any how I have been trying to do a FSpassenger flight from Winnipeg int (CYWG) to Vancouver int (CYVR) (Alt Kamloops (CYKA)), I have updated all my Navdata with the single datasheet Oct-Nov2019 (FSX, PFPX and the CRJ700/900 are up to date) the routes are calculated with PFPX and uploaded to FSX and CRJ700/900 flight plan folder, I start my boarding procedure and try and load said flight plan to the FMS via the Route menu and I get a load error, before I updated the Navdata all the prebaked flight plans in the route menu loaded just fine but the one I made, at that point I figured the problem was a diffidence in NavData date codes so I ended up getting everything on the same page and yet I keep getting the load error with my new recalculated PFPX flight plan, I have tried tweaking my plan by dropping the Alt route and changing the flight level but every new flight plan i make for the FMS keeps getting a load error so i'm not sure what I'm doing wrong I'm also using Active Sky 16 (latest ver), FS-Flight control (latest ver), the CRJ manager for fuel calculation, FSpassenger, Aerosoft CRJ700/900 and FSX:SE EDIT: My CRJ700/900 is Ver.1.230 just fyi not sure what im doing wrong here but if the Navdata is the same across the board you think anything made with PFPX would just work with the CRJ's FMS maybe I'm getting routes that are unacceptable for the CRJ and need to change something in PFPX but I dont know that much about the FXFP (I figured everything i Know with FPFX by trail and error sooo I might be missing a something there) or maybe I'm missing something with the FSM, there is alot going on with that litter computer and I have only gotten part way thru the documentation, I figured I had read enough to get a flight going but i guess not
  9. Ok thanks, still not sure what the charts are used for, as for the data sheet it is what i needed and it worked great to update all my nav data on my tools and planes, sadly I found out that buying addons from steam in a mistake as my Airbus A318-A321 are all broken and I had to rebuy them off of here, as you can see I'm new to this flight sim stuff and I'm having abit of a learning curve. thanks for bearing with me
  10. Just incase some one is not sure like I was and is looking in to this down the road the Single Data sheet was what I needed to update my nav data, I did not know/understand that with the info I could find on the subject and ended up purchasing something I did not need like the Navdata chart subscription that I grabbed, I'm still not sure what it is for as PFPX does all I want for routeing so not sure.... Anyway sry my last post was abit salty its just been a endeavor to fly this CRJ700, and to have the FSM computer basically stop me due to a out of date map was something. PS I almost grabbed the one year sub for Nav Data pro, good thing a saw the one day option, might have been some what more salty lol. unless any one wants to explain to me what I dont understand about Nav Data pro (witch would be cool) otherwise I'm done with this post, always thanks for your time and I appreciate any help.
  11. Is the clarification I'm asking for here difficult to answer? a simple "yes you can" or "no you cant get the nav sheets" would be helpful.... It seems that of the nearly 40 views this post has gotten I only got a half answer (maybe it's a full answer just missing the context i need/wanted) and I dont want to be pushy but the Nav Data Pro I have right now has a time limit of one day and i'm not sure if that is 12 or 24hr and secondly I would like to move on with my life and fly the planes I paid for sooooo I'm just going to assume that when Mopperle replied to me he/she meant to say if I want to update my nav data I needed to get the Single data sheet and not Nav Data Pro charts sub, this makes some sense but the way the reply is written "If you do not want to buy a subscription, you can buy only one dataset." makes me think the Nav data pro sub can get me the data sheet too some how and I just dont know how hence why the stalling and asking for clarification. Anyway I'm going to get the Single Data sheet now and hope it's what I need and it will most like be it I hope.... I just cant help and think I have what I need with the Nav Data Pro Sub I already have and just dont know how to get it... ARGGG I wish a had a clear answer.... Just a side question if anyone cares to answer, if the Single data sheet is the update files for Nav data then what is the point of the Nav data pro Subs, beside being a fancy map program, it list off it's compatibility like the Data sheet program so you think it would interface or update the data bases of PFPX and such but as far as I can tell it does nothing and has no options besides being a standalone flight planner, so as a final request for my topic here can some one explain the Nav data ecosystem to me because I'm new to this stuff and it has left me utterly confused and frustrated. Before I go I would like to thank you Mopperle, I might have not understood fully what you were saying but I appreciate you still taking the time to try and help me, it seems others were not as eager to help with what i thought would be a simple yes or no answer so thanks again for making the effort I really do appreciate it.
  12. I found the Data sheet here, it looks like it is compatible with everything but the Airbus A220, I can live with that for all I know the A220 will just use what ever I send to ATC or I will just have to buy another Data sheet down the road when the Virtualcol Airbus A220 is added. Before I get this I just want to be clear that my current one day sub will not provide me with the updated Nav Data for the apps and planes, just want to be sure before I make more purchases. Once again any help on this topic is appreciated.
  13. Ok, but I already purchased the one day sub, can I update my planes and PFPX with that or do i need to get the data sheets? If so can you link the page and explain what i do with them or show me were there is a guide.
  14. I got the Areosoft CRJ 700/900 planes and ended up getting PFPX along with it, to good software and a good plane but I was having errors importing PFPX routes in to the FMS, i realized the FMS nav data was a year newer (Aug/2017) vs PFPX (June/2016) so i figured that explains the errors, So i figured I would get Nav data pro for a day to update my nav data so I dont run in to this problem (I only got a day as I only play off line and I dont play all year round I pick up and drop off FSX on and off) sol i figured I would update PFPX and move on with my life, sadly I have no idea how that's done, google is not much help I keep finding topic on Navigraph and thats not helping... Anyway if some one can pls help me with updating my nav data for PFPX and if possible the FMS for the CRJ700/900, and while im on the topic of FMS in planes I grabbed the "official" Airbus A318-A319, Airbus A320-A321 and the Virtualcol Airbus A220 planes, i have yet to fly/learn them but im assuming they have nav data needs too so if i can update everything so I dont have to worry latter on that would be sweet PS the A318 to A321 were purchased off of steam if that matters, anyway I appreciate any help, kinda feel like i shot my self in the foot buy only getting the one day and thinking it would just update everything automatically, now I'm in a time crunch to figure this out...
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