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  1. Hi Bruce. I have checked the alignment across the top of the fuselage and the forward cabin doors on the iFly are offset to each other. The starboard side front cabin door is more forward than the port side door and as you say, the default boeing does not have any misalignment issues as both forward cabin doors are directly adjacent to each other. Is this something that perhaps could be addressed at some point in the future to perhaps be able to change part of the config for different type a/c? Many thanks Terry.S
  2. Thank you Delta777 for the reply. I was wondering if that was the case but just needed to check. Many thanks Terry.S
  3. Hi Wondering if anyone could help me resolve a small issue. Configured the iFly 737-800 with AES. Everything fine except that the forward catering truck is misaligned to the starboard forward cabin door. Many thanks Terry.S
  4. Hi again Many thanks Waleed for the information. Much appreciated Starman
  5. Hi all First time on the forums and first time user of AES. I can honestly say that I should have started using AES alot early than I have. What a difference some of these other addons like AES make to FS. My question revolves around the re-use of old credits. What I mean by that is given that perhaps one day I will do a complete reinstall of the OS, can I use the codes from my original credits or will I have to buy new credits when I re-install FS9 and then AES. Done some searches but can find what I'm actually looking for. Thanks Starman
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