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  1. Haha, that is weird, but explains what happened. I found new route today so i will try this again.
  2. Thanks. It will help. Yesterday I realised that on pltpln page I cannot delete them, but I also saw for first time LEGS page where I managed to remove discontinuity but I still got some weird issues. More and more I think about it I think lot of problems I had was caused by using bad route and inserting aproximated sids and stars. Couple more day and i will be better at it. ALso one weird thing was After I finaly took off, plane started to circle at one SID point (turn). At that point I got confused since I thought it entered in hold but I did not activated it. Today, I will try to look up better flight planning website. I did downloaded latest database I could find online ( ANway, thanks for tips.
  3. Hello all, I am sorry if this is already been answered for CRJ 700, but I was unable to find that. I am using if I am correct 1.2.3 version and this was route I typed in: ID FREQ TRK DIST Coords Name/Remarks TNCM 0 0 N18°02'27.34" W063°06'32.25" PRINCESS JULIANA INTERNATIONA TRNKY 348 23 N18°25'13.00" W063°11'22.92" TRNKY PJM 113 170 23 N18°02'17.21" W063°07'05.79" ST. MAARTEN TJSJ 279 166 N18°26'21.83" W066°00'07.68" LUIS MUNOZ MARIN INTL Now usualy on my second page I get discontinuity message after TRNKY where I get stucked since I do not know hot to get rid of that. ALso I did tried to use STAR and SID that matched TRNKY , in my case rwy 10 departure (forgot exact star but with TRNKY transition) and I used ILS 10 arrival and KOTME transition . Since I am new to FMS I am almost sure that I messed up with route most likely or stars and sids. SO I would apreciate simple explanations :) Help is apreciated. Thank you
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