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  1. Yes, I'm going to give this a go too. Funny thing, until one of my more recent flights, I've never had an issue with climb performance. On my last flight in the CRJ, experienced really unusual thrust and climb behavior. Of all the checks I went through to diagnose the issue, one was to visually check for the spoiler deployment (which were not visually deployed). However, I did not attempt to adjust the spoilers in the cockpit (potentially resetting the spoilers and correcting the issue). I actually captured the entire experience and posted to YouTube.
  2. No one is being insistent. I made an observation based on the CRJ's behavior in conjunction with another 3rd party addon. I haven't placed any blame. The behavior in the CRJ is different than the behavior in the A320neo. Sharing this information is kind of the point of the forum.
  3. Seriously!? You thought I needed that explanation? Have you worked with Push Back Express?
  4. Is this a horse before the cart kind of deal. The interaction with PBE is to set the Parking brake before the tug disconnects. Seems like a logical request. I tried to find something definitive online, but, all seems to be airline SOP specific. It also looks like the interaction is different IRL when a tow bar is used vs. a towbarless tug. Stock pushback in MSFS is a joke. The push moves the aircraft whether the brakes are set or not. Granted it moves the aircraft considerably slower when they are set. While I want to test this again, the only reason I think the PBE button mode works is because the check is immediate when the attempted brake set occurs. With voice commands, the parking brake set fails and by time you communicate that the brakes are set, the check performed reveals they are not set. I'll run this test again later this evening. As a side thought on this whole topic, aren't we striving for realism in the aircraft. I'm pretty sure that the CRJ doesn't prevent you from releasing the parking brake when the wheel chocks are still placed around the tires. Likewise, I don't imagine the CRJ would prevent the parking brake from being set if the Tug is connected to the aircraft. So, why is Aerosoft adding in this unrealistic safeguard? Just a thought.
  5. Fair enough. However, your product appears to restrict parking brake operation when the chocks are still in place and when the push back tug is connected to the aircraft. As @capt_tom stated, we both observe that our interaction with the simulator is attempting to set the parking brake, but, the brake is automatically forced back to the unset position.
  6. Hmmm... @Mathijs Kok did you just insult me? No, I'm just joking. Well considering that it was verified by another member of the Forum, I don't think it is just my system. Regardless, probably a very low priority to put resources on. The value seems to be cosmetic anyway. Once the packs are turned on, the cockpit/cabin cool/heat as expected regardless of this duct temperature. It doesn't prevent me from enjoying the CRJ. Thanks.
  7. Okay, I tried a few more airports including LOWW (Vienna, Austria), KEB (Nanwalek, Alaska, US), and finished with KDEN (Denver, Colorado, US). While initial attempts at the first two airports did not reproduce the issue; even with some manual manipulation of the weather settings. The last attempt at KDEN did recreate the finding. The only setup performed was the initial battery master on, EFB on, connect GPU, connect ground air cart, open passenger door, turn on ground power, and observe EICAS ECS status page. The SAT/TAT was 4c, the Actual cockpit/cabin temps were 4c, and the duct temps were 18c. After 16 minutes, the duct temperature dropped to 4c. After another 10 minutes, the duct temperature was -4c. Another 11 minutes later and the duct temperature was -14c. After a total of 68 minutes from when I started, -41c and still falling.
  8. Might also be related to a lower initial temperature at the airport. I'll try another location with a cold temperature to start.
  9. Did you see @Thx1137 was also able to duplicate at LSZH. Not sure why the airport is relevant, but, maybe worth a check?
  10. Tried again with PBE version 1.9. Same behavior. It's exactly as if the wheel chocks were in place. One point of clarification, my experience is with voice commands active, not just the button controls. I tried it with the button controls and that did work without an issue.
  11. Well, after reviewing this again, I don't believe it has anything to do with a glitched installation. If you load the CRJ 700 and don't immediately configure the aircraft for departure, rather, spend some time at the gate. In my case, I'm reading the documentation, learning about the plane, and putzing around on my own abbreviated check-list. The EICAS ECS Supply Duct temperature will start to fall...and keep falling. In case it's relevant, I'm at a gate in Zurich (LSZH) and the outside temperature is 2 degrees Celsius. Upon initialization of the CRJ with just the external GPU connected (no APU), the ECS Supply Duct temperature starts at 13 degrees. After 12 minutes and no other configuration changes, the temperature has fallen to 2 degrees. Another 10 minutes pass and the temperature is now -5 degrees. Do you still think it's a glitched installation?
  12. 15,000 feet!? The cabin crew is showing their dissatisfaction with you leaving the seat belts signs on well beyond 10,000 feet.
  13. Nice. I was trying to connect my own observations with payload discrepancies. Glad to see this confirmed. I'll try the enter key trick and see if that helps. Thanks!
  14. Yep! Latest CRJ and PBE. PBE forces you to update when a new version is released. Looks like they just released version 1.9 so I'll be giving that one a try. By the way, nice profile pic. Oorah!
  15. I'll certainly attempt a re-install and check it again. Thanks for the reply.
  16. According to my crack research, the CRJ EICAS ECS page is showing a wildly inaccurate cockpit/cabin supply duct temperatures. In my case, I'm observing temperature readings of ~-170 to ~-140 degrees Celsius. That's pretty cold. The only thing comfortable at that temperature is dry ice. They do fluctuate somewhat as the temperature is adjusted.
  17. I'm posting this here because IMO the issue is with the CRJ and not FS2Crew's Push Back Express. Push Back Express works initially with the CRJ without issue until the push back is completed. When asked to set the parking brake at the conclusion of the pushback, the CRJ will not permit the parking brake to be set. The only way I've been able to overcome this issue is to manually stop the pushback from the Push Back Express operation panel. This will terminate the interaction with Push Back Express and free the push back tug from the aircraft. This is similar to the observed behavior when trying to release the parking brake with the wheel chocks still in place.
  18. Upon initial power-up of the CRJ, the MCDU displays the status page. The page count in the upper right corner states, "1/1". Press NEXT PAGE and the second status page shows "2/1". After this initial discrepancy, the status page will start to show the correct page count reference.
  19. Tutorial Flight 4.4 ENROUTE, 3-1-62; 14-FEB-2021 Bullet 1 - Example Calculation. "...cruising altitude is 18,000 feet. Step one, remove last three digits 18,000 -> 28. Step 2: multiply by three: 28 x 3 = 84 miles." I don't mean to nit pick, but removal of the last 3 digits from 18,000 is 18, not 28. The follow-on calculation obviously becomes 18 x 3 = 54 miles. Just an observation.
  20. FMS Guide Departure Sub Page 6-1-30; 14-FEB-2021 First Paragraph "The DEPARTURE sub-page displays the available runways on the left-hand side and the available departure routes (SIDs) on the right-hand side." Left and right references are reversed. Like I said, just an observation.
  21. Feature or a bug? In the CRJ 700, it is currently possible to start the APU without the Battery Master turned on and with no external power connected. Thanks!
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