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  1. Hi guys, Can someone confirm is the speed tape temp fix is working or not after yesterday's mini update? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for chiming in. Not that I'm aware of, but where in options can I verify that?
  3. Thanks for the reply. It's strange indeed. I've disabled the "B" reset as well just in case I was pressing it, but still have the issue. Yes, you're correct on the EFB setting. Boy, I really would like to get to the bottom of this....
  4. Hello all, My altimeter 80% of the time automatically resets itself to standard 29.92 at pretty low altitudes during climb (~5-10K ft). I have the automatic BARO reset featured turned off and clicked save on EFB, but it's still resetting. I'm wondering if anyone has this issue? Thank you.
  5. Perhaps I'm out of the loop, but lately the left-right turns while on NAV mode have become rather frequent. I'm referring to the erratic left/right turns NAV mode makes while in cruise trying to follow my FMC route. It's especially obvious after crossing a waypoint and turning towards the next. It happens even during course changes (after crossing waypoint) of low directional change (< 20 degrees). Is this a known issue that is being worked on? Thank you.
  6. Thanks for chiming in and confirming the issue. I completely understand set backs and bugs. So long as they're actively working on it, I'm sure it will be squared away soon enough. As others have commented, maybe it is a good opportunity for us to practice hand flying approaches. 😊
  7. Precisely as Claude said. This forum post should not be about debating back and forth about the validity of a bug nor about pointing fingers. Instead, it is about identifying the issue and finding a solution to it. I neither have the time nor interest to sit here and play ping pong with you as a result of your inability to understand my previous post. The facts are: 1. The CRJ is not properly nor consistently capturing glideslopes. 2. A slew of users have reported the issue. Many of them have reported being able to properly do so in other aircraft. I can confirm this, too. Meaning, it is possible and not entirely an Asobo issue, nor the users inability to fly an ILS properly. 3. Aerosoft should investigate the matter and hopefully find a solution soon. Aerosoft, again, please look into this matter. At the very least, please acknowledge our feedback.
  8. Hi all, same issue here. I'm not rated in the CRJ, but am in B737, so would hope I understand how to properly fly an ILS. Despite the aircraft no longer diving to the ground after G/S interception after this last patch, it still flies considerably below the G/S. If I don't disconnect the A/P and hand fly it, it will inevitably drive me to the ground. I have tried all the recommended "fixes" on this thread to no avail. Furthermore, I said, well, I'll just fly it the traditional way using V/S via the vertical speed contingency on the approach chart, but that (to my surprise) also didn't work. I was descending at 2,000FPM when I tried changing the V/S to 800FPM, but the aircraft kept descending at 2,000FPM. I even tried recycling the V/S switch just in case, but no luck. Aerosoft, please look into this. The number of users reporting this issue exceeds the possibility of it simply being a "user error" or an "Asobo bug" - Especially now that you've written your own G/S hold function. Thank you.
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