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  1. Well I'm a ing idiot... It was my screen all along with it's weird brightness xD Sorry for bothering you and thank you for coming up with my solutions! Thanks, Gustav Singh
  2. I’m not using any shader tweaks. Prepar3D ProfessionalPlus I think it’s called Where do I see version of the Airbus? I should also mention, that the cockpit usually wasn’t like that. I’ve been playing the last couple of days, where it worked flawless! Thanks, gustav.singh
  3. I recently bought the A318 + A319 pack and A320 + A321 pack, but when I'm in the cockpit, some of the textures seem to be completely dark, so it's impossible to see what I'm doing. I'm currently using the latest version of Prepar3D Looking forward to a solution. Thanks, gustav.singh
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