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  1. I sent a Email to support@aerosoft.com 48 hours ago and i still haven't received a reply! The phone support sucks mainly becuase there is nobody ever available to answer the phones, i have tried calling the Europe, America and Germany number and nobody answers. Basically my problem is that every time i click to launch the game it tells me that i haven't enter my email address and serial key to play, i do this and it tells me that the details have been stored and that i will not have to do it again. However, each time i go to launch the game it asks again for the serial and email address! I have now used it too many times and it now says that the key has been used too many times and that i should contact support at Aerogames (which i cannot actually manage to talk to!) As well as this, each time i enter the game i have to create a new profile and re-enter my custom controls and start a new campaign as the game does not seem to remember any of it at all! Please help me, i am beginning to get frustrated. Thanks. David.
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