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  1. I actually think you should leave it in - it could become a mini-game inside each Aerosoft release: Find the hidden Mathijs
  2. It's happening pretty consistently here, haven't managed to get it to hide since installing first thing this morning (across multiple launches of the whole sim) - I made sure that it wasn't just a one off before I opened the thread
  3. No worries, I know how much you must be having to keep on top of on launch day
  4. I did mention that I loaded the aircraft by switching from a default one loaded in at my starting airport
  5. Thanks Mathijs, I've got no work at all this week so if you need me to do any testing/troubleshooting from my end then I'm happy to do whatever is needed
  6. It appears to do the same as when I press SHIFT+Q, disappears for a fraction of a second then returns - it won't seem to stay hidden
  7. I might be being dumb here (and it does happen, quite frequently - so please feel free to ) but I don't seem to be able to get the yoke to hide properly According to the manual (p20), CTRL+W should do it, but this appears to toggle the HUD instead. Attempting to apply logic I then tried the command listed for "Toggle HUD", which is SHIFT+Q, which makes the yoke vanish for a split second then return. In the FAQ topic I noted that it was important to load a default AC first (which I did, the default F22 in P3D4) - am I missing something obvious or have I hit on a bug? I'm running P3D Pro Plus, on Windows 8.1 64bit. (Unrelated to the issue at hand, can I also just add that this has really been worth the wait, it's performed like a dream so far! Thanks for all the hard work)
  8. At least the release estimates aren't based on "Valve Time", then we'd really be in trouble
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