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  1. Hi Marius, Also got the invoice and checked in my account and says completed.Got a tracking number from UPS,but that only states that a label has been created and thats it.No shipment/delivery details.Guess my order is also still at your side or...? Kind regards, Steven
  2. Just checked and can't seem to find anything about a part shipment...So hopefully both Alpha and bravo are now on their way. Thanks for theh eads up though!. Brgds, Steven
  3. ''Your order 1120282986 from 04-01-2021 has left our warehouse and is now on its way to you.'' YES YES YES!Come on UPS,get those units overhere! Brgds, Steven
  4. Indeed!!Feeling like a kid on christmas morning 😛 . Come on Mathijs,share the (hopefully good) news with us . Brgds, Steven
  5. So did you receive the units or not?Previous e-mail said it should be delivered on 1 or 2 april,but got no news from you today.Order still remains "not processed". Any update? Brgds, Steven
  6. So the units are still stuck somewhere?Got a mail that they should arrive 1st or 2nd of April at your side.This still realistic or...? Brgds, Steven
  7. Please don't say that your inbound container is now stuck in the Suez Canal....please don't....:p Brgds, Steven
  8. Wouldn't expect it anytime soon.Honeycomb posted that they have a backlog of 6-7 months.I'd be surprised if you'll get it by the end of the year... Just got an e-mail from aerosoft about my order(1120282986 both alpha and bravo) done on the 4th of january that it is again delayed to the first week of april... . So yeah... Brgds, Steven
  9. I got the same thing.Ordered the 4th of January and money has allready been transferred.I also aksed the same question and response was that once the unit get's dispatched,the status will change. So should be no issue and we're both in the queu for the Bravo(and the alpha too in my case). I did get an e-mail from Aerosoft stating that they plan to ship it in the week of the 8th of March.Hope this is still valid. Brgds, Steven
  10. As one who made an order on the 4th of january through the Aerosoft shop,i'm definatly looking forward to that e-mail :).I hope it's all in the not to distant future :). Brgds, Steven
  11. Thanks for the reply! Just one small question.If the Alpha or Bravo get's to you sooner,will you ship it seperatly or will you keep the order together? Brgds, Steven
  12. Hello, I just had a small inquiry about my order for the Alpha yoke and Bravo throttle.I ordered them both on the 4th of januari and received confirmation e-mail.My order number is 1120282986. If i check in my account,the order is still not processed.Is this because of the lack of stock or did something go wrong?I allready checked my bank account and the money has been withdrawn from my account. When reading the pinned topic on top,it states that normally the expected shipping date would be displayed besides my order,but this is not the case here. I'm not asking when i will get these(i know i'll have to wait a bit more) but just want to make sure my order went through and i'm on the list for delivery of the hardware. Brgds, Steven
  13. Any chance we could get some more info about this project?Almost giving up hope to ever see this in our sim...
  14. Sorry to bring this up again,but you gents have any update on this project?Now that the QW787 is released,i'd like to start my TUI Belgium flights from here ;). Regards, Steven
  15. Since a couple of sceneries are out of the way,has work continued on EBBR?Just curious ;). Regards, Steven
  16. I was wondering if there is allready some news about the project. Regards, Steven
  17. Same here! Switched to P3Dv3 and am waiting for this scenery to start flying out of brussels again. Regards, Steven
  18. Hope this scenery is still on track...been quiet for some time. Some new previews would be nice ;). Regards, Steven
  19. Looking good!. As Pilot777X said,i hope development won't take another year or so due to the remoddeling... Regards, Steven
  20. Thanks for this update mathijs!Sorry to hear that the previous developer failed to meet your expectations.But happy to hear you took over development.I hope everything goes as planned now and that we will soon see your Brussels rendition in our sim. Regards, Steven
  21. Is there any progress made for this project?(that can be shared off course ;)) Really looking forward to this scenery! Regards Steven
  22. It would be nice if we could open it in FSX also,no? Maybe some news to post? Regards, Steven
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