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  1. Hi I followed the instructions especially the following section: To use the CHECKLIST and the COPILOT function it is necessary to load one of the menu – states. You access this menu via the Settings MCDU Main Menu by selecting ACFT STATE. Please load COLD DARK STATE. In real life most likely the maintenance would have prepared the aircraft already before the flight crew arrives, so TURN AROUND STATE could also be a realistic startup state. For this tutorial however please use COLD DARK. But none of that is appearing on MCDU2, see the attached file. I also referred to this video where the required menu appears to show up on the copilots side by default, which is not the case for me.
  2. Hi I'm trying to configure my airbus so that when I load up it starts up cold and dark. I followed the instructions in the manual and it doesn't seem to indicate how to get to the menu in which you can swap the configuration on the first officers side (they both appear to the same page right now). Has anyone else encountered this problem?
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