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  1. I upgraded my pc, mainboard x299 EVGA, Skylake-X I9-9940X CPU. CONFIRM CRJ WORKS Greetings
  2. Soon my pc is upgraded to Intel Core i9-9940X CPU,I really hope this update will fix my CRJ problem.
  3. I thought about the possibility of updating my pc in the future if the problem persists or escalates with other addons, and since we are on the subject I look for technical advice on this and sorry if this is not the right place for these questions, the question is: with a CPU BASED ON X299 TYPE Intel Core i9 10920X CPU are in compliance with the requirements of MSFSX 2020? Thanks and good day to all
  4. we have been discussing this problem for a long time, just read all the posts, we just have to wait and we hope to be able to use it again. On the contrary you can buy it directly on aerosoft and fly until it suits you with your CPU which unfortunately is not compatible with the specifications required by msfsx. We have the same problem and I know it is not right, but it seems that the only ones who have made a mistake are unfortunately us. Greetings
  5. Sooner or later it will work again, otherwise patience, there are other possibilities.
  6. On balance in 30 years I will spend more money on hardware and sims than buying a real airplane. So I will continue to use MSFS or install P3D 3.4 as long as my PC allows it, I will not spend a thousand and a thousand dollars just because the landing gear of a single plane does not work, it is just a game. However, I am more than sure that Asobo will fix the problem in the next update, as I have already mentioned. Many obsolete PCs use MSFS, and selling is better than not selling, we will not have the details of a NASA PC, but we will still be able to play the game anyway. Thank you
  7. Microsoft is absolutely right, in fact I will use my outdated hardware as long as the sim without third party addon allows me. And as I said before if I want to use the CRJ I will buy it from Aerosoft and I will continue to use the sim. For the moment, in my opinion, I can advise those who own hardware with minor requirements required by Microsoft not to buy on MarketPlace to avoid compatibility problems. That's all thank you
  8. I think that 80% of the public that uses msfsx 2020 does not have the requirements of the latest generation processors, and this microsoft knows very well otherwise a good share of the market would have been lost in the sale of the sim. I have an I7 4960x and GTX 1080 TI graphics and I assure you that the sim runs which is a show. I have always thought that making new games more and more demanding are a great driving force for the hardware market and their sale, so much so that sometimes I have the doubt that everything is correlated to transport us to regularly buy more and more powerful PCs. In my opinion not everyone can spend thousands of dollars every 2 years, so it's one thing to make the sim's performance scalable through settings, it's one thing to make it mandatory when purchasing a hardware upgrade. If the problem is not solved I imagine that many will buy the CRJ from aerosoft, and not a new PC. We hope that in this case Aerosoft will give us an additional discount
  9. We understand very well that the problem is not Aerosoft, we are just discussing a problem with our purchase while waiting for Microsoft to solve it, since we can not use it at least we discuss. That's all
  10. Of course it would be a good solution to bypass Microsoft
  11. we are talking about a conflict of the sim towards a CRJ file version 1.04 and not 1.05, and therefore in my opinion the sim does not start at any MarketPlace customer. They know very well that the problem affects many
  12. I think we are very numerous to have this problem, imagine if every time Microsoft updates the sim we should remove third-party products, it does not seem at all a good idea to buy later on MarketPlace, I made a mistake once and I will not make the mistake again .
  13. Do you really think that only 19 people bought the CRJ on the MarketPlace?
  14. The CRJ update and or the Asobo update has rendered the Sim un-usable. Which one I have no idea. I cannot get the sim to the main menu with the CRJ installed, it CTD's every time. Yes I bought through the market place. Now if I delete the Aerosoft CRJ folder out of "Official One store folder" all is well and the sim operates fine. The moment I reinstall the CRJ, the CTD"s start again and cannot get to the main menu screen. Hi I am sending the MyDumps file link for the problem. thank you https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x1wGdcJXEC17ebtj0TSwAmKRYnyq6T0r/view?usp=sharing
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