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  1. Sorry for late reply. Thanks a lot for your help! I already solved the problem, I think the issues were the missing service packs.
  2. Path: E:\fsx I got 2 drives on my PC C and E. The one I selected for the fsx installation was E . Also I selcected a self created file for the installation. But to start the fsx I have to start it as an admin.
  3. Thank you! I tried everythin you mentioned, the only thing I couldn't find out is, if I am using the sp1 and the sp2. Where can I figure it out or where could I download them (Sp1- Sp2 is available at Microsoft). The version I am using (professional edition) is according to my researches only available in Swizerland, Austria and Germany. Here is a link to the product: Greetings, Manni
  4. Thank you for your answer! I downloaded the file from the aerosoft shop, where I purchased it, than I unpacked the zip file and did the installation normally (I klicked on the installation file-not as an Administrator). Path: E:\fsx I had no antivirus activated. I entered the product key and there were not rejected. The fsx version i am using is the "Professional Edition". The strange thing is that the aircraft is fully functional but exists only in parts of texture. Greetings, Manni
  5. Hallo, ich habe vorhin im Aerosoft-Store das im Titel genannte Add-On gekauft. Nun habe ich folgendes Problem: Ich habe das Add-On ganz normal installiert wie es verläuft, wenn man in der entpackten Datei die Installation ausführt-als Zielordner habe ich den Ordner gewählt, in welchen ich den fsx (Professional Edition) gespeichert habe. So weit, so gut. die Installation war schließlich fertig, ich öffnete das Spiel und wollte mir das Add-On ansehen. Bereits in der Vorschau war zu erkennen das die Textur der Außenhaut des Flugzeugs fehlt- bei allen Varianten. Auch im Spiel fehlen zahlreiche Texturen des Flugzeugs, funktionsfähig ist jedoch alles. Es würde mich freuen wenn ihr mir Helfen könntet das Problem zu lösen. Mit besten Grüßen, Manni
  6. Hello, today I bought the Add-On I mentioned in the Title. So now, I have the following Problem: I installed the Add-On normally. (I selcected the File where I have stored my fsx for the installation. ) So then, as I started my game i wanted to take a look at the plane but I noticed, that there were huge parts of the texture missing. I tried several things to fix it but i couldnt find any solution. I would be glad if you could help me. Regredably, Manni
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