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  1. Hi It's fine. I found the solution thank Fabien
  2. Hello Rob and thank you for your answer. I found the scenery.cfg file but i didn't see Blagnac and Biarritz in this file. But Biarritz and Blagnac are active in FS9. That is normal ? I can send you the file if you want to check ? Thank you very much Fabien P.S Sorry Opbst for my number of topic but anybody ansmer me before Rob. Sorry again
  3. Hello I bought the pack with Toulouse-Blagnac (LFBO) and Biarritz (LFBZ) but AES doesn't detect only Toulouse-Blagnac. In the repertory flightsimulator9/aerosoft, there are 2 folders Biarritz2005_SC et Biarritz2005_LC but only one folder for Toulouse2005. Somebody can help me ? Thanks Fabien
  4. Hi I've got a problem with the FMC from Eurowing 2004 too. When i want to open the FMC, the window open and tell : "Active X cannot create a file : (name of the file, i believe a .dll).". I've got Windows Vista too. And i've got the same problem with FDC cockpit X. Somebody can help me ? Thank you Fabien
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