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  1. We've been waiting for this moment for so long, I won't be able to sleep tonight
  2. I sincerely hope so, we are all impatient and I hope it will not be like there are some words with the "coming soon". But thanks for the information
  3. "coming out soon" I have the impression he takes us for fools not to tell us an exact date
  4. having to wait until they leave Brussels is a real torture. I hope it won't be long
  5. Yes I think too, maybe they are waiting for the July 27 update to exit the airport
  6. Every day I look at the forum in the hope of seeing: AEROSOFT brussels airport is released for MSFS. Hope to see this message very soon
  7. Let's hope not, it's still almost 1 year since he announced the release of Brussels for mfs
  8. I agree with you, The Dc 6 is an airplane and Brussels is an airport, two different things
  9. Do you have a release date for this masterpiece? I can't wait to fly to Brussels.
  10. Surely the most beautiful airport all combined, can't wait for it to come out. Well done to you aerosoft, do you have a release date? I hope soon
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