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  1. - Creating a SimBrief flightplan - Loading it into MSFS - Powering up the aircraft, turning IRS on using checklists - Pos init - Enter Departure followed up by entering nav points and route manually - Enter Arrival trough Dep/Arr Index - Trying to remove Discontinuities (wrongly with delete command) on FPLN page ->Freeze I am aware thats not the right way to do it. Just want to report its causing a freeze and CTD. Sometimes such input errors happen if someone uses other Airplanes (Boeing/Airbus) and i think that should not be punished by Freeze/CTD .
  2. I reproduced it 3 times now. If you playing with your flightplan and want to delete something you cant, the sim freezes instantly and you need to close it with task manager. Please try it out and confirm or explain me what i am doing wrong. It never happend to me before SU7.
  3. I hope it will be possible to use CRJs EFB with Aviaworx in later version.
  4. Hi! Ich habe die Version installiert. Komischerweise funktionieren die DLs nur teilweise. Cockpit und Bodenfahrzeuge des Airports werden beleuchtet. Alle Flugzeuge von aussen und GSX Fahrzeuge bleiben schwarz (auch KI). der Fehler tritt nur bei EDDF auf, habe andere Aerosoft Flughäfen getestet (EGLL z.B.) und da fuktionieren die DLs normal.
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