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  1. So just a quick update on this - it now appears that the issue is indeed visible during the day time as well! I just noticed this after doing this same departure a few times and testing out some settings - you can see from the screenshot that it appears to happen all the time, but just seems to be more visible during the night. Any possible way to fix this? -Yorkie
  2. I've tried with the Dynamic Lights in the config tool turned off and also with them turned on but with no difference. In terms of shaders, I do use TomatoShade with the R&D Preset, and I've tried clearing the shader folder in P3D to let the sim rebuilt it, however none of this has worked. -Yorkie
  3. Exactly the same issue when using all of those suggestions I'm afraid...
  4. Hi everyone, I seem to be having some issues with grainy / noisy textures happening at Aerosoft (SimWings) Mega Airport Professional EGLL. I seem to remember having a similar issue in the past with a different scenery and there was a fix for this, but I can't remember what the fix was. I have attached a screenshot of the issue, a copy of my cfg file and some screenshots of my in-sim slider settings if this helps! @DaveCT2003 I have sent you a PM containing my order information - thanks again for offering your help on this! Regards, Yorkie Prepar3D.cfg
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