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  1. Hi everyone, I have just downloaded and installed the latest version of the Airbus A330 Professional for P3D V5. For some reason, my Chaseplane views are not working in the aircraft, either inside or outside. I have disabled the View System in the MCDU, and also tried a fix where someone said to rename a "view.xml" file to "view-old.xml", however none of these methods seem to work. When I load the aircraft up and either press my hotkeys for the views in Chaseplane or click on them manually, nothing happens and the view does not change. Can anyone tell me how to get this working by any chance? Thank You, Kind Regards, -Yorkie
  2. So just a quick update on this - it now appears that the issue is indeed visible during the day time as well! I just noticed this after doing this same departure a few times and testing out some settings - you can see from the screenshot that it appears to happen all the time, but just seems to be more visible during the night. Any possible way to fix this? -Yorkie
  3. I've tried with the Dynamic Lights in the config tool turned off and also with them turned on but with no difference. In terms of shaders, I do use TomatoShade with the R&D Preset, and I've tried clearing the shader folder in P3D to let the sim rebuilt it, however none of this has worked. -Yorkie
  4. Exactly the same issue when using all of those suggestions I'm afraid...
  5. Hi everyone, I seem to be having some issues with grainy / noisy textures happening at Aerosoft (SimWings) Mega Airport Professional EGLL. I seem to remember having a similar issue in the past with a different scenery and there was a fix for this, but I can't remember what the fix was. I have attached a screenshot of the issue, a copy of my cfg file and some screenshots of my in-sim slider settings if this helps! @DaveCT2003 I have sent you a PM containing my order information - thanks again for offering your help on this! Regards, Yorkie Prepar3D.cfg
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