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  1. yes this is happening on the ground. only until i start my engines it stops beeping at me. and no ecam message. just master warn beeps also i tried googling this issue and i read old posts on it that the 320 was also getting this on that a while ago. Also i remember i was watching a very popular flight sim live streamer on twich who once had this issue. not sure if he has fixed the problem but its hard to ask because his chat goes quickly.
  2. so ive been using the a330 for a few days and on the third day of using it its now started beeping at me for a split second or two in the cockpit where the master warn goes off for 1 second and stops and 1 min - 2 mins later it goes off again for a second and etc onward. any suggestions or fixes? im on the latest everything. p3dv4.5 HF2 and latest update to the 330 update, it now goes off every few seconds adam
  3. hi, was wondering if i should post this here or not, since im fairly new to the aerosoft aircraft, however, ( so far ) when i see the videos and streams and things as currently im not an owner of the 330 yet, i notice the wing bend ( not flex ) but bend isnt as much as I would have liked in comparison to the real a330 especially having flown the a330 a lot IRL and watching videos on the 330 since i really love the 330. Was wondering if these pictures for a comparison would be taken into consideration for an update? In short, the wing feels rather flat while up in cruise, like there isnt much air lifting the wing up, especially at the tip of the wing. -> https://imgur.com/a/HKo5MRd thanks and keep up the hard work.
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