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  1. anyway i solved it but my problem is that i used 10 times the serial number of the ATR so its gone but thanks for everyone tried to help!!!!!!
  2. I also runned ACA 2017 and it detected my whole simobjects folder as ERROR
  3. Hi guys a day ago I had problems with the Carenado ATR72-500. The installation and evereything worked well but the Aircraft didint came up in the sim (p3dv4.5). I have the same issue with the Felthere EMB 195/175. The Aircraft is installed into the p3d simobjects folder. Also i have the Aerosoft A320 fam pro and the A330 they are working well. Pls help me i tried so much but dont know what to do know thanks for everywon trying to help
  4. The Carenado ATR 72-500 for p3dv4.5 I asked the support 1) Entfernen Sie Das Produkt durch die Windows Systemsteuerung (Löschen Sie die Dateien niemals selbst!) 2) Führen Sie einen Diskcheck Ihrer Festplatte durch (Rechtsklick auf das Laufwerk, dann "Eigenschaften", dann "Tools", dann "jetzt prüfen") 3) Starten Sie Ihren Computer erneut 4) Schalten Sie Ihr Anti-Virus Programm temporär aus 5) Installieren Sie das Produkt als Administrator (Rechts-Klick auf die Installer EXE Datei, dann "als Administrator ausführen") 6) Schalten Sie Ihr Anti-Virus Programm wieder ein 7) Defragmentieren Sie Ihre Festplatte (Tun Sie dies NICHT wenn Sie eine SSD benutzen) They gave me these steps but unfortunately they didnt helped
  5. To me it seams like P3d does not detect The Add On I dont know
  6. hi Guys, I installed my ATR72 everything worked well but when i wanted to select my Aircraft The ATR was not there Pls help me thanks
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