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  1. I'll try following the CFD Club discussion on this, see if something useful comes out of it. For now, thank you anyway for the support. Stay safe
  2. Good evening We tried recalibrating all our axes, but didn't make a difference. We'll try different brakes setups in the P3D settings to find if any works. To Secondator: we are aware of that, but we determined the problem occurs independently of the parking brake use: we tried connecting directly on the runway to test this, both in takeoff state, and we started taxiing around the airport, and the brakes failed in two minutes time, without touching the parking brake in any way. By the way, this happens on A330 ONLY when my friend is PF, but quickly extends to me when we swit
  3. HI Mathijs Thank you for the clarification Not yet, in the next few days we'll definitely try recalibrating, hope that solves the problem. Stay safe
  4. So still working on it. Thank you Dave Stay safe
  5. Hi guys. I am having the same problem too with my mate, when he is PF we can never takeoff because brakes go nuts while holding short, unfortunately he hasn't got rudder pedals so we are unable to solve the issue quickly and this makes the plane completely unusable in CFD, which is the main point of all this. As you are aware of the problem, is the solution anywhere near completion or we'll have to wait long? Stay safe
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