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  1. Great selection👍 Fits to my DA42 actual real operation. So airport is ready for next level with DA62 😜. Great development Pavel! Respect!
  2. Hi Pavel, yes I did... ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_APT\SCENERY\abp_lzib.bgl but may more intelligent solution exists...
  3. Hello Pavel and community, discovering your LZIB product in various seasons and I found the issue in winter... any idea how to fill the green airport area by snow? thanks a lot for any hints
  4. Thanx for hint... having the same problem but after disabling bgl LZIB file under ORBX then no more issue
  5. Hi Pavel, don’t be stressed... it was just a shot by mobile phone on screen... no filters etc... Looking forward to further updates... and Poprad will be great, I m sure.
  6. Hi Pavel, for the inspiration of night scenery you can take some ideas from Black Marble. But anyway you are on great track 👍
  7. Hi Pavel I was checking today - 3 towers only physically in last stage of construction. Do not stress with other design concepts. The area looks really luxury. I will take for you some pictures on the weekend during the day because is soon dark now and is still construction site 😅
  8. Dear Pavel, I m continously impressed by level of details which are included in your project. I m a little bit scared that current development of Bratislava City will makes you busy for another 10 years with v2, 3, 4... 😅 ... new skypark close Danube river is before end and additional skyscrapers projects in initial stage... https://www.designboom.com/architecture/zaha-hadid-architects-unveil-skypark-bratislava-slovakia-05-22-2017/ if anything what we can help with your project feel free to ask anytime good luck and I m courios about P3D performance in your wide project..
  9. Ahoj Pavel I m very happy to see your unlimited motivation and precise programing work. More pictures from Letka MV area in your mail box now ✈️ For any support feel free to ask anytime. I see cargo area is on your desk now 👍
  10. Great to see your enthusiasm... if anything how to support you (actual pictures, movies, nav data Etc...) just let me know... i can share or prepare new for you.
  11. Hi Pavel veeery nice LZKZ. Often landing at the airport.... good job👍 some major discrepeancies in the area of logistics center NW part of runway. If any wish i can provide details... Rgds BJ
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