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  1. I am an idiot. I accidentally re installed it into my directory for p3d -_-. I fly both, i love x plane and p3d equally!. Now i have 2 separate issues you may be able to help with i hope, if not i may have to email aerosoft. 1. I installed the delta livery for the a320, but now i have no sounds for switches, copilot etc, (only happens on the delta, the stock jbu and united liveries work fine. 2. I am in the checklist i am using a brand new logitech yoke and when i get to move sidestick full up it does not register. I have re calibrated 5 times so far, and
  2. i also notice all of my autopilot selection area is blank too.
  3. Hey guys, i just updated to the new version of the a320 professional, and now when i load in, the third mcdu is just blank. I am unable to navigate to make it cold and dark, add fuel etc. Any idea whats wrong? If i have to reinstall, how do i 100% make sure it is uninstalled before reinstalling? Sorry for noob question im coming from xplane 11.
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