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  1. Disabled, as in the attached image, all traffic returns. Enable EHAM, Amsterdam Schiphol, Priority 1, as in the attached image above, traffic disappears. I don't have any options to try.
  2. Zero airplanes. It's the add-on. When I go to any other airport, lots of planes at the gates, tarmac and runway. When I go to Schiphol with the scenery add-on, no other planes.
  3. Again, thank you for the support. Attached images show my configuration and "Traffic" settings from the EHAMTraffic.exe file. No other planes are visible except in the sky.
  4. This is from the main website here. This is how they advertise the product I purchased. How do I get AI traffic? I downloaded the file. Read somewhere the DL version is missing a portion the CD has....
  5. Hello, I purchased Schiphol mega Airport for FS2004. Scenery looks good, jetways, CitizenM, little cars and lights, but there are no other planes to be seen except mine (iFly 737). Can't find any other settings to tweak.
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