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  1. Thank you very much scrooke, but how come PFPX and TOPCAT choose different take off and landing runways? Shouldn’t it be the same? I have Active Sky configured as weather source for both programs!
  2. Hello, I am not sure if this was covered earlier I couldn’t find it if it was. I have both PFPX ans TOPCAT installed (latest versions) for some reason I can not get the checkbox of auto runway selection to be checked and saved under PFPX route planning options page, every time I check it and close the options page it just doesn’t save the settings. And therefore I never get the same runways from PFPX and TOPCAT at the same time for the same airports. I am using activesky for P3Dv4 which is configured in the PFPX weather settings. Any ideas how to get this checkbox to be checked and saved?
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