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  1. I have a question regarding the use of Lua (latest version) with the Aerosoft Twin Otter extended version. The part of the Lua script which I have been working with is the element which allows the Pitch and Turn thumb knob and dial to be operated using separate toggle switches. The Lua functions (in the Aircraft Module for the Aerosoft_DHC6) are TW AP PITCH thumbknob up TW AP PITCH thumbknob dn TW AP BANK thumbknob up TW AP BANK thumbknob dn TW AP BANK thumbknob show I have successfully programmed two toggle buttons for the pitch and turn respectively (following a slight modification to a couple of the parameter signs mentioned elsewhere on the forums). Curiously only the PITCH knob is animated when up or down is selected, the BANK thumbknob (Dial) is not. I am guessing that addition of the ‘TW AP BANK thumbknob show’ function was added to get round this problem, but it does not seem to do anything I can observe. I have spent some time trying to track down an Lvar which results in the dial animation but with no success. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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