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  1. Thanks, I'll have to check this out. I did map a bunch of stuff in Spad.NEXT but I just ran out of time to complete it so I will check this out, thanks again!
  2. Hello! I've been using the CRJ's LVars in SPAD.NEXT to assign functions to my Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo. I'm doing well so far in getting extra things mapped but one issue I am having and I cannot figure out is how to map the autopilot modes. Example: I have gotten the AP ENG and AP DISC to work with the autopilot button my Bravo but I can't figure out how to use the LVARs to get the nav/hdg/alt/etc. to engage/disengage. Has anyone had any success with this yet?
  3. I recommend buying SPAD.NEXT and opting into the beta version and install the LVAR Bridge that comes with the beta version. You can map almost all cockpit functionality to buttons/switches/axis with the LVARS to any hardware buttons/axis/switches.
  4. So, after researching about LVars, SPAD.NEXT has a beta version with MSFS LVar support. You can map everything with that. You can even set a custom axis for the flaps (I use the honeycomb alpha/bravo) and get them increment in the full range of the flaps and not instantly jump from none to full flaps on an axis. I'll be working on a basic alpha/bravo SPAD.NEXT profile for the CRJ this weekend and I will post it here if that is OK with the admins.
  5. Hello, I noticed many of the aircraft functions do not fire off simconnect or MSFS events which means most functions aren't able to be programmed to be used by any type of hardware (lights, various system switches, etc). Is this something that will be coming in the future or is this going to simply be not added? It's a shame I have an Alpha and Bravo by Honeycomb and I cannot map many of the features the default aircraft allow me to map. Thanks!
  6. As with everyone, I'm beyond excited for this release! Everything looks and sounds amazing. You mentioned adding features as the SDK allows over time, one question I'm not sure I've seen yet is, how long do you plan on providing updates to the CRJ once released? Here almost daily reading your updates, thank you for the frequent updates to all of us waiting impatiently!
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