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  1. I recently purchased the Discus FSX glider and I have found the canopy reflections very annoying. I see that there is a thread (now closed) With an alternative file called "" but even though I have downloaded it several times, the file is corrupt. Can you please make it available once again or give me an alternative link?. Thank you. Christian Conesa.
  2. Thank you, Shaun, much appreciated. Regards, Christian.
  3. Hi, Could someone point me towards the download location of this paintkit?. Thank you and regards, Christian Conesa.
  4. Thanks Shaun. Because the wings flex, the lights will be out of place until in flight. Is there a way to correct the model file?. Regards, Christian.
  5. I find that the NAV and STROBE lights are too far inside the wing of the aircraft (particularly the NAV lights) and are almost invisible. Looking through the AIRCRAFT.CFG file I notice that the fx-strobe wing entries, fx_navred and fx_navgre are missing. Does someone have the appropriate entries?. Regards,
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