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  1. Thank you. Does that mean the the solution is to change the gauges in [window06] and [window07] to a 508,508 size?. Edit1: Just tried it and doesn't work, the solution is elsewhere... Edit2: It amazes me that no one has noticed this issue before...
  2. Can anyone help with this, please???
  3. Hello masterhawk, did you have a chance to check the ECAMD2D.dll file for the inconsistency in the pop-up gauge?.
  4. I can confirm that the same behavior is present in v1.0.2.0.
  5. Yes, a slight widening of the ECAMU solves the problem but not the ECAML, it is something to do with the pop-up gauge ratios or the gauge itself (more likely). I thought maybe chase plane had something to do with it and installed the A330 fresh (including latest patches) with no chase plane but the problem remains. These are the panel setting for the ECAMU pop-up from the original fresh installation: [Window07] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=213,302 windowsize_ratio=1.0 position=8 visible=0 sizeable=1 ident=10025 gauge00=../../Aerosoft A330 Professional Base/Panel_
  6. I'm running 4K, 3840x2160. Funny things is that ECAML works fine for other status screens (pages), it is just the "cruise" mode that has the error. The ECAMU is just the one page with the misalignment on the EPR numbers.
  7. P3Dv4.5 HF3 and A330 v1.0.2.1
  8. Hi, I have recently installed the A330 and have come across this weird behaviour of the ECAMU & ECAML panel pop ups. As you will see in the attached photographs, the panel screens are fine and read ok but the pop ups are incorrect. Can you please advise?. Thank you. Christian Conesa.
  9. And that is the current solution. I am surprised no one had come across this particular issue.
  10. No need to blame anyone or anything, enjoy the pool. And I thank you. All the best
  11. My guess is that they should, in fact, be: [FMSDefaults] DOW_550=45748 // 45000 per aircraft.cfg + 748 (crew) DOW_700=45748 // 45000 per aircraft.cfg + 748 (crew) DOW_900=48748 // 48000 per aircraft.cfg + 748 (crew) DOW_1000=54748 // 54000 per aircraft.cfg + 748 (crew)
  12. But the file you posted has the same wrong numbers again... DOW_550=44731 DOW_700=44731 DOW_900=48790 DOW_1000=51055 And I use P3D v4+. I have modified my FMS.CFG file to the correct numbers when I spotted the error, anyway. Regards.
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