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  1. Here is a video that might help you troubleshoot: Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4 2020-03-26 17-22-16.mp4 Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4 2020-03-26 17-22-16.mp4
  2. I’ve already tried to do that, but without success. Im getting the errors basically anytime, during power up, turnaround state etc. I got the first problem when powering up the aircraft, and now it reappeares as soon as I enter a DEP/ARR airprt. exactly what do you need screenshots of? thanks for the help wilhelm
  3. I do have the file and except some copyright texts it says: Aerosoft NavDataPro AIRAC cycle : 1913 Revision : 1 Valid (from/to): 05/DEC/2019 - 01/JAN/2020
  4. NavDataPro is checked, but I do not own NavDataPro nor Navigraph
  5. When I press L2 next to the arrow, the active nav data base field goes blank, and the same dates appeares in the second nav data field. However, it´s still not working. After pressing L2, this is what happens:
  6. Hi! I was flying from FACT-LSZH and when I, on the INIT page put in the DEP/ARR airports, I receive the message saying "Not in database". The same happened with other airport as well such as ESSA, LFPG and FACT. When I first enter the FMGC, it shows that I have AIRAC 1913. Does anyone know the fix for this? Wilhelm
  7. Hi! Does anyone know how refunds will take place? 1.Will I get all the money back or 2.Will I get like a giftcard for the amount I bought for, let’s say I bought Aerosoft Mega Zürich and I should have bought Zurich Proffesional, will I get a compensated price for Aerosoft Proffesional Zürich? Wilhelm Prytz
  8. Hi! I recently bought the Aerosoft AirbusX 320/321 add-on for FSX:SE, but I can’t access the livery manager. The cockpit and the flight dynamics are awesome, but it’s frustrating to then see the same livery over and over again. Very grateful if anyone could help me. ( P.S I bought the add-on from the steam shop, if that’s make any difference )
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