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  1. i know it looks normal when i start that CL in turn around state it will go through the first 2 or 3 items upto weather radar then it will say checked then nothing at all its the same cold and dark state the CL wil do the first 2 or 3 items then nothing. sorry to be a pain
  2. good evening folks! after updating the a330 to the newest build all checklists have decided to not work anymore. before this build the checklists and co pilot would perform well but now im lucky to even get 1 checklist completed. i have tried reinstalling it but it makes no difference i use p3d v4.5 i was wondering if this is a bug with the new update or is it something that could be sorted out as its annoying! thanks folks lee
  3. Good evening, i appologise if this is in the wrong category but since ive updated to A330 version the checkists dont work i use p3d v4.5 before the update checklist and co pilot worked well now i dont even get a decent preperation checklist or when the aircraft is in turn around state it will start with the first two items then nothing system is greyed out so i have to reload the aircraft. i have uninstalled and reisntalled to see if that would rectify the problems but im afraid they remain! is this a known bug ? once again if this is in the wrong category then i do really appol
  4. moning people could someone do me a huge favour and do a ryanair repaint on the a320 &321 please??? i havent got the professional version just the standard one thanks in advance
  5. good afternoon, would it be possible to paint the a321 la compagnie for aerosoft a321? i see there is one available for the airbus professional just thought it would be nice for the standard version cheers
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