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  1. I have run as administrator and followed the instructions of manual I got following results: It seems thet the application does'nt fond the installed data base even if the path is correct.
  2. I have authorized the NavDataPro application in my windows defender firewall but nothing has been changed I have done everything instructed in the manual. the NavDataPro application in installed directly on C>aerosoft>NavDataPro contrary to FS9 which is in Program Files (X86) The file contains downloads>NavDataProCycle This one contains compressed files nd. If I try to decompress in view to replace the original nd contained in feelThere file, a password is requested. Consequently, I cannot operate manually
  3. Hello everybody, Some help would be much appreciated. I am new on AEROSOFT forum and ask probably a silly question. I use the Wilco Airbus series aircraft wich presently use a data base of 2010. I have subscribed this morning for the updating of the data base; AIRAC1901. I have installed the software from aerosoft but I am not able to updated my data base wich remains the 2010 original in the file: Flight simulator 9 > FeelThere It seems to me that this feelThere product isagreed by aerosoft and I do not know what is the action I miss. Thks in advance for a comment wich would be very helpfull for me
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