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  1. Caterpillar Exactly what is it or isn't it doing? If you've mapped a button/key to the 'cockpit interaction - primary control' command, then you need to press that key after you have hovered over the Altitude knob, for this example, and seen the curved arrow. The mouse pointer should disappear and you should then be able to use the buttons/keys that you had mapped, to increase or decrease the altitude. I made the settings in the control section of MSFS but I cannot activate the primary control command. It is no difference to asign mouse buttons or my Hotas buttons. I can see the mouse pointer and the curved arrow but when pressing the button for primary control nothing happens I have already checked if there is a conflict in a possible multi assignment of buttons.
  2. Hi Dude what i mean is when I am selecting the desired altitude at the glare-shield I cannot check the proper indication at the PFD at the same time. When I lean forward or zoom in to see the numbers at the PFD I cannot twist the knob at the glare-shield at the same time. The mouse pointer is loosing focus /contact to the knob. (I am using a Rift and for me the indications at the PFD are almost not readable in the CRJ. I have to zoom in) As a solution for it I used FSUIPC in the past where I designed a joystick button for this job. Regarding the Alt-selector it is not working in the CRJ. Caterpillar I checked "Sticky controls" but it is not working for me at all. Very sad, it could have been the solution.
  3. Thanks for your answers. Using the HUD is a good idea in the meantime. I will check out "Sticky controls" Greetings Jens
  4. Hello friends, I only use MSFS in VR. I could not await the CRJ 700 but when in VR it is not possible to set any altitude. When my view is focussed at the PFD I cannot handle the Alt-Selector knob and otherway round. I tried to set a joystick button via FSUIPC (AP Alt Var Inc / Dec) but it is not working like in the other stock planes. Heading selector and speed selector is working fine with FSUIPC, Alt-selection no way? Has anybody a solution for me? Thanks Jens
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