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  1. Hi I purchased the aerosoft dc8 a while ago for fsx se, recently i made the jump to p3d v5. However in the instant download section of my account only has the installers for for fsx and p3d v4. do we need to repurchase it? If not how can i get the installer for p3d v5
  2. Hi, After a bit of digging and experimenting I’ve solved the problem, it seems that the addon seems to require FSUIPC to run properly, because once FSUIPC had been dowloaded and the aerosoft installer run i no longer get the XML utility error and the DLL.xml file seems to have been spontaneously constructed along with the correct entries added. i think it’s best you guys inform users that FSUIPC (unregistered) is needed from the outset so they don't run into the same problems as i have.
  3. Hi i would like to be more precise with my problem after running the installer the XML tools utility cannot find my DLL.xml file, my DLL.xml file simply doesn’t exist, even a manual search of it in the right location could not find it. How can i resolve it.
  4. I’m aware of the fact that certain viewing options need to be unchecked for it to show up, and i have followed the procedure exactly. The dll file is simply not there, which is why I’m worried. I would like to know the function of the file and how it relates to the proper function of FSX SE and the DC8 which is why I’d like the developer of the dc8 to be kind enough to address my issue. some forum posts on the internet state that the dll file isn't there by default and it’s supposed to get built by the installer when adding the 3rd party addons, precisely why i need someone with technical expertise to assist me.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Unfortunately that post does NOT address my issue since it deals with the DLL.xml file being corrupted whereas MY issue is that the DLL.xml file does not exist in my FSX SE. if one of the developers of the dc8 could be kind enough to address my issue i would be very much indebted to them. edit: I SHOULD STRESS THAT MY FSX SE IS A CLEAN INSTALL AND DOES NOT HAVE ANY 3RD PARTY ADDONS
  6. Having recently purchased the dc8 addon from aerosoft for FSX-SE, I went to install it and everything worked perfectly fine until the very end where the installer said it could not locate my DLL.xml file and manual update was needed. intrigued i went to locate my dll.xml file in the appdata/roaming/FSX folder and i found out it wasn't there. i would like to stress that i ran everything as administrator and had the night before done a complete CLEAN re install of FSX-SE using steam. it seems that re installing fsx refuses to build a new DLL.xml file and im stuck as without it i fear the aerosoft dc8 installer will refuse to install the aircraft correctly. any help is welcome
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