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  1. Hi, I'm trying to install new AIRAC 2106, I successfully installed on all planes, except the IXEG 737-300. I've only found a IXEG 737-300 on the Xplane 10 menu of the updater, but it won't update, same goes with the other. I tried many things, also linking the NavData folder to the updater profile for this IXEG plane. Nothing works, also tried on many different forums. What should I do?
  2. Just a question: If I buy the 4 Dataset per year package, is it meant year as "365 dayss from the date of first download" or as "All the dataset from 2021?" (like, If I bought it, I'd get screwed because 2020 is over and I bought 4 dataset from the current year? How does this work?)
  3. I just want to try and install the 2010 just for test, can I do it? I have an active and valid account btw
  4. Hi! Yesteday I bought the Flight Factor A320 and now I'm trying to update the AIRAC Cycle with NavDataPro, but an error always occour: https://ibb.co/mqVbsTY Can somebody help me? in the screenshot, you can see I gave the right path to the Airplane.
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