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  1. So finally i've tested newest versions of SAM plugin and Follow me extension. Again I used KLAX HD by Short Final Design aka MisterX6 for FM tests on both take off and parking guidances and i noticed the following: 1. If I choose a parking spot witch is close to runways 7L/25R and 7R/25L, I get the instant message saying "Current airport doesn't have any taxi network", but if I the aircraft is parked on spot on the oposite side of the airport near runways 6L/24R and 6R/24L the FM car spawns normaly, I can choose takeoff guidance to any runway using any holding point. I believe the taxi network error is again related to the existence of an helipad to the southest of the airport near ruwnays 7L/25R and 7R/25L. Once again I can't figure if it is a SAM or airport problem. I did the same tests on some default airports and got no issues to report. 2. not interfering with the plugin functionality, both Dacia and the pickup truck have the roof lights off. 3. The FM vehicle disapears after takeoff guidance is completed, witch maybe it is intended by the dev team. In this case I would suggest to make it pulling to the left or right side of the holding point, depending on the final turn the aircraft does to align on the runway, and wait until it takes off. Overall i'm very happy with the update and specialy with the adition of takeoff guidance! Well done!
  2. I've updated to the newest version, 2.1.5, deleted every apt.cache file previously created, and after some testing I'm reporting the following: 1. at KLAX (SFD aka MisterX6 version), if landing on runways 25L or 25R, it shows "No airport data found for icao code CL02", witch is the Kilroy Heliport also modeled in the package. I'm assuming SAM atempts to read data from that heliport instead, maybe because it's very close to these runways. that doesn't happen on the opposite side, 07L or 07R, I can't figure if it's a SAM or KLAX problem. no issues to report if landing on the others 06L/24R or 06R/24L, comming from the west. 2. at KLAS (Flytampa) if landing on runways 08L,01L and 01R it shows "No parking location avaiable at this location". I notice these runways are also near some helipads who belong to the same airport, so, again, i don't know if it's a Flytampa package or SAM issue. 3. At EDDF (Aerosoft payware package) the erratic movement of the follow me vehicle still happens. Another issues to consider, although they do not affect plugin funcionality: - Lights on the roof of the Smart and Toyota pick up truck are OFF - front wheels of the Smart do not move. And that's it. I'll keep testing and reporting furher...
  3. Yes, I've read an update will be released tomorrow, maybe it'll solve all this issues...
  4. Thanks for the tips @FlyAgi. I did manage to solve the problem at Las Vegas Airport (KLAS), but EDDF and KLAX was a no go. Despite making every parking spot as gates at KLAX, it keeps showing "no parking location avaiable...". Regarding EDDF I did remove all ILS Precison Areas in every orange taxi ways, but when I tried to export it, WED showed a lot of errors and I don't know how to fix them.
  5. Hi, I'm not requesting support, this post is more about feedback, insteaf of support request, so, admin feel free to move this thread anywhere else if it's in the wrong section. So after a few tryouts, I notice it doesn't work on some payware aiports like KLAX HD (SFD), KLAS (Flytampa), LPPT Lisbon (MK Studios) and also on default Aerosoft LPFR Faro, saying "No parking location avaiable at this location, witch I think it's weird because Traffic Global uses them to park their AI planes with no issues at all. At the begging I thought TG would be the problem so I disabled it and tried those airports again with every spot avaiable, but got the same message, "No parking location..." so TG is not the problem here... witch brings another feature to consider: It would be great if it could show on the dropdown list the parking spots already occupied by online, AI or static aircraft, usiong a different color, p.ex, so the user could choose correctly. Yesterday, after landing at OMDB Dubai I choose a parking location randomly and when I arrived it was already occupied by an aircraft, so making that distinction would be very helpful. Another issue I have, is erratic movement of the "follow me" vehicle, at least at EDDF - Frankfurt (Aerosoft paid version), where it started on the grass, made several u-turns, went through buildings, etc, I was told this would be an issue related with the taxi network, and not SAM, witch is strange because if it was a taxi network problem AI aircraft would have the same behavior too, I guess. Another consideration, may be the devs sould increase distance between the follow me marcheler and the aircraft, when he turns it's sometimes almost 90 degree angle, not giving the user time to turn the aircraft accordingly. I already sugested, the final marcheler should apear the same time the vehicle starts guidance, and when the aircraft makes the final turn to the parking spot he was already there waiting, instead of popping out of nowhere, it would be more realistic, I think... And finaly I've always thought follow me operations were also avaiable on departures, witch it isn't the case, but why not giving the user guidance to takeoff runway? DIn big airports it would be helpful. Despite it's not realistic maybe we could have it as an option. Just saying... Overall it's an handy addition to SAM, needing a few adjustments, but i'm happy with the purchase.
  6. Situation update: Finally I got "Follow Me" extension to work properly, looks like it doesn't go along with X-Plane 11.51 beta and a fewu plugins as well. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  7. In years of aviation enthusiast I always thought "Follow Me" operations existed both on arrivals and departures at least for big airports, pilots may get lost while taxiing to take-off runway. I hope we get it as an option in a future update...
  8. Witch new revision? sorry, I don't understand waht you mean. I'll try that too... thanks for the tip
  9. Feeling a bit desapointed here, I can't put it to work, I've just landed on KLAX, and it says "No parking location is avaiable in this location"... I mean, seriously? It's SFD's KLAX HD a.k.a. MisterX6! How can it be? What am I missing here?
  10. Are you saying, Follow Me operations in real life exist only for arrivals?
  11. Really ? thats weird isn't it? Why not enabling it tor guidance to take-off runway?
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'll try it... BTW Does it work from parking to runway for departure or only on arrivals?
  13. I've bought the Follow Me extension, and after properly installed and activated, it's not working. I open SAM main window, on Follow Me page and it's stuck on "Loading resources...", I can select a parking spot thought but it won't do nothing... log attached. SAM.log
  14. Ok. I've download 2 performance files from airlinerperformance.net, for 737-800 and 777-200LR, I've tried to add them to both Types and Templates folder but they don't show up on the Aircraft Editor. I really can't figure about the process to add a simple aircraft so my database..
  15. WOW! that was quick! thank you. if it goes to templates folder, what are the .txt and .per files in the AircraftTypes folder?
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