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  1. Thanks, DaveCt. I suspected that this was the case, especially with the throttles. With the trim, I knew that with the airbus once the nose is positioned in flight, the the trim is set automatically. The reason why I am asking these questions is that, at least with the trim issue, the plane will not remain in its pitch position without my holding on to the yoke. Once I let go of the yoke, the plane usually goes into a shallow dive---as if it were trimmed poorly. thanks for the help. tc
  2. Ok, perhaps I am not doing it correctly. Usually, when I first purchase a new aircraft( in this case the A320 Pro), I use the quick start method to get a feel of the plane. It's what I did with this plane. Since (I've flown various sims since the early days and am a real pilot) the aim was to take the plane for a ride to see how it handles manually, I assumed that all variants of this aircraft behave the same, given two variables: throttle control and trim wheel. I cannot fully answer your question, because initially I picked the first aircraft on the line up(Air Lingus?) in the aircraft menu. And now I am not in front of the sim. Again, the plane handles beautifully; it's just that a slight movement of the throttle levers ( my mechanical levers) translate into full throttle and viceversa. The trim wheel( I have an analog trim wheel on my quadrant) is useless. And when I use two sim buttons for elevator trim, they don't do anything. The only thing I can think of is that I am supposed to program the FMC before I can fly it manually. I have no problem going to the manual if this is a prerequisite. To sum it up, I just wanted to go for a quick flight on manual. Thanks again. tc
  3. Love this airplane. But when I try to fly it manually, the throttle levers and the trim don't appear linear or smooth, thus over or under response of the throttle levers, and erratic behavior of the trim. Currently, I have to have the throttle on autothrottle, and fly it without using the trim buttons. I am a Boeing person, and very new to bus. Any help would be appreciated. tc
  4. Great aircraft, the DC8. Since you're working on an upgrade, it might be useful to add a left-right mouse button option so that one button increments or decrements by 10, while the other button does it in single digits. The mouse scroll wheel simply moves the bug much too slowly. tony
  5. It's P3d and it's the latest version with the 2d autopilot pop up. I have not tested it, but I'd be curious to know at what point the rate of turn(10-45 degrees) starts to affect the rate of lift, thus the drop in vertical speed. tc
  6. Somehow, if the aircraft is on autopilot and climbing, turning the aircraft sends the aircraft in a shallow dive. Only pulling back on the elevator will prevent the aircraft from crashing into the ground. tc
  7. I can attest to the fact that the ISG FMC has no effect on autopilot heading. For a moment, however, when I loaded a P3D flight plan and used the radio switch, the plane was following the FMC route. I inadvertently stalled the plane, and lost control. When I had the plane stable, the plane would no longer follow the fmc heading. It may have been a coincidence, but it might help you in your analysis of the issue.
  8. fps is better than the Just Flight DC8--all things equal.
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