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  1. Thanks, that's what I did before I saw your last message. Eg I ran MSFS then immediately started ASUpdater, that solved the issue for now. I'm still wondering exactly what it ASUpdater checks for to see if MSFS is installed though. Any idea anyone?
  2. Thanks, but my MSFS installation works just fine. It would help a lot if I knew what ASUpdater is looking to determine if MSFS is installed or not. MSFS works just fine, and the Orbx Installer finds it without any problems. ASUpdater worked fine the last time I checked, proibably a few weeks ago.
  3. ASUpdater_App_Log.txt ASUpdater just starts then immediately quits, the logfile says something about "Update found" but no update is installed. What to do now?
  4. Ok, I have not bought and downloaded this from Aerosoft so I will modify my statement a bit, I have not actually verified that a copy of the default and copyrighted King Air model is included with the product you are re-selling. But other versions of this product sold on other sites has indeed included the copyrighted default model. But I will stand firmly by the rest of what I wrote, and I guess "anything for an Euro" applies before quality. I don't think you would have put Lago on this product in your earlier days Mathijs, and I don't think you would have put "Aerosoft" on it in your earlier Aerosoft days either. Times have changed I guess.
  5. I see that Aerosoft is marketing and selling the Perfect Flight King Air 350i for MSFS 2020: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/microsoft-flight-simulator/msfs-tools/3274/perfect-flight-king-air-350i-extreme-msfs This is not the same Aerosoft that I used to know back in the days, they would certainly have better quality control of what they sell than this. I guess anything goes to make an Euro these days. Do take note that this products is nothing but a few liveries and missions, the aircraft itself is just an un-licensed copy of the default King Air model from Asobo Studio/Microsoft. So I believe you are literally pushing a pirated product when you sell this! See this review: And the discussion here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/king-air-350i-extreme-review-by-perfect-flight-discussion/306601 I believe it has been established that Perfect Flight are crooks, and it really puzzles me that Aerosoft want to be associated with them and/or re-sell their "products" or have any connection with them whatsoever. The rest of Perfect Flight's products are also, hmm can't really think of a better word than crap. Mostly just an half-baked attempt to put together some "Missions/Flights" and cash in on the way MSFS is now becoming more "mainstream". Those who know any better would never buy their crap, and I really thought Aerosoft would know better than to re-sell their crap. I remember a time when Aerosoft was equal to quality add-ons, I could pretty much buy whatever FS add-ons they sold blindfolded. Obviously not so anymore. Personally I will take a firm stand against this and not spend any money on anything by Aerosoft, or anything sold by Aerosoft, for as long as they re-sell anything made by "Perfect Flight".
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