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  1. After Looking around some more, and Downloading a few other Aircraft, It is Only Holgi's Liveries that I have Issues with. All of my other Aircraft work Perfectly Fine, But his don't seem to want to work.
  2. I am Using FSX:SE, And that Specific Aircraft was the A320-232 IAE, I am Using the Aircraft off the Steam Store
  3. Now its Just an Entirely Black Cockpit after restarting the Sim, Here ya go. The Cockpit is Perfectly Fine in the Default Aircraft, I am Using a Repainted Version, Link attracted. This Is a problem in every Repaint I have, I installed all of them Manually Link:
  4. Hello, So im having a bit of an issue, All the Glass in my VC is black. PFD, MFD aswell. Any ideas? thanks!
  5. Heyo, I know they Don't Operate Them, But it Would be sweet to have one, Would Someone Mind Making a WestJet Encore Repaint of the 900? If the 700 is Easy, Be my Guest, But I fly the 900 the Most =P Thanks!!
  6. Hello, So ive been having some issues Recently with Pressurization, I Have everything Set Correctly ( Or so I think) and I keep getting these warnings and Situations. Anyone got any ideas? I have A Screenshot attached, if that helps. Thanks!
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