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  1. Will do that once I come home, but how should I make Screenshots? do you just want a screenshot when I am changing size of the 2d panel where you can see the white border around the invisible window? And no I didnt deinstall the B787, couldnt think of how it would affect the airbus which is installed somewhere else but I can try.
  2. Hello again Aerosoft Community! Looks like I posted in the wrong forum before. So hopefully I am right here this time.. but back to my bug/problem! After an P3D (4.4) pause I tried to perform a fast A319 flight, but when I tried to change fuel and board the passengers the 3. MCDU wouldnt open, to be more precise I found an invisible 2D window which I could change in size and probalby has some buttons because when I hovered in specific places in the invisible 2D window i got an infobox for a button. I could confirm this behaviour in the A319 and in the A320. I tried reinstalling the A319 product which included deinstalling through the uninstaller in the aerosoft folder, restarting the PC, downloading the module again from the Aerosoft website and installing it agian in the Aerosoft folder in my Documents folder (default folder). Till now I didnt touch the A320/21 installation. The only things that had been changed on the whole PC in the time between my previous flight was an installation of the Qualitywings B787. Thanks in advance _Promi
  3. Sorry I got the whole Airbus prof. Family, and I tried it with the A320 & A319, but so far i only reinstalled the A318/A319
  4. Hi Aerosoft Community! Since today (after 2 weeks of pause) the 3.MCDU wont open. I already reinstalled the module and run P3D as Administrator. (Module ist installed in the Aerosoft folder in documents) Didnt chang anything at the System despite installing another Airplane in the last 2 weeks. Thanks in advance! _Promi Edit: The first time i click for the 3. MCDU there is a winsows loading "circle" and after trying it 30 times i found that there is a invisible window which I could change in size
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