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  1. Don't download the file into the program files folder. Instead, save it on the desktop, unzip it (if needed) and run the setup. Drive safely.
  2. Your numlock could be turned on, or just assign the gear up/down to the [ key and the ] key, which aren't taken yet.
  3. Hey Dave, That's strange. Did you recently installed a new patch? It might be the problem. If its not, then I dont know. Sorry.
  4. Hello Jakeup, If you got a serial key included with the origional box from the shop, you should be able to register trough aerosoft... If you don't got a serial key, then your cd is probally illegal, so you can't upgrade to 1.4.1. The best thing you can do is to go back to the shop and ask for a new one (remember to bring your old one back) or send an e-mail to aerosoft with the ''buy confirmation card'' (like a ticket) so they can check it for you. Hope it helps, Greetings.
  5. Hello Dave, I also play with a steering wheel. Somethimes, when I push in the brakes, It all of the sudden turns on the handbrake. Maybe that's your problem too? If it's not, try to re-install CBS and re-configurate your steering wheel. Hope it works, Merry Christmas.
  6. That you've to re-install it because it is missing a required file.
  7. Hello Colabox, I also got a steering wheel and I had the same problem. Still I didn't fix it. So I went to the CBS Home site, checked the forum GER/ENG and there is a topic called ''Tested Steering Wheels''. Those Steering Wheel are compatiable with CBS 2010. (Well.. Atleast they're tested.) So I bought a steering wheel from that list and it worked. Probaly a fould in the game itself. Logitech G25 has some problems also. Though, they can be fixed by installing patches. You might can try this using google.
  8. Hello Donald, Try another key. This might work.
  9. Hello Empire, I cannot answer all your questions, but I hope this will get you forward: 1) To launch the Route-Editor, you've to got patch 1.4.1. When you got this installed, press ctrl + N to open up the editor. 2) I dont know if this is possible. 3) I answered the same question you asked like 10 minutes ago some posts above. Please check your previous posted posts Drive safely!
  10. Thanks for replying Shaun. I have the solution now. It's possible to make your own routes. Thanks for the help! Drive safe.
  11. Hello Brian (and) Tim, It's not your duty to tow the broken bus. You've to contact the radio at the marked point, which default key is ''F''. I had some problems with this chapter also. Please let me know if it worked. Greetings and drive safe!
  12. Hello Empire, If you want to let your passengers go in, you have to set your destination first - like ''Time Square'' etc. - before they will enter the bus. Then open the doors etc. and they will join you Hope it helped, P.S.: To set your destination, you've to attach a button to the required key.
  13. Hello, Christmas is coming and I'm probaly getting my copy of the City Bus Simulator 2010. I've heard that there is a patch 1.4.1. which includes the Route Editor. I've been asking myself what I can make with this Editor. So, my question to you: Can I do this with it; - Make my own routes OUTSIDE New York. For example: A route starting in New York Times Square all the way to ''(Route Editor City Name)'' with customed routes between it? Just simple, if I can make my own routes :-) I don't want to buy CBS 2010 if the above is not possible. Thank you for your time, and... A happy Christmas !
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