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  1. Ok I have now checked with another sound device - my LG TV, wich is my screen. I set WIN Sound to LG TV and get the engine sound on the TV. In the p3d sound menu I set all sound device settings to the TV as well and get the checklists and all sounds on the TV. However my bluetooth heaphones did not receive the checklist/voice sounds with the same settings. I will try the above settings later, as my haedphones are charching 🙂
  2. I have connected my Bluetooth Headphones today and to get them working I had to set them active in Windows and also in P3D Settings. However the Pilots and Co Pilots voices are not played. I have then disconnected everything and used my PC Speakers again, however the Pilots & C Pilots Voices are still not played!? Any Ideas here why bluetooth headphones wont work and also why I cannot turn things back?
  3. Hey thanks for the reply on that. I have true glass off already - it makes sence to me that with rain/snow on the glass or just near the glass the mouse cannot acces the MCDU windows behind it. Looks like I can only touch rain...Not sure if a video would capture the mouse cursor.
  4. Hey there, on a rainy day it is not possible to use any pop up window as the mouse pointer never gets "behind" the cockpit glass window. True cockpit already off - still no luck. Any adise here?
  5. Hey there, seems like the checklist feature quits in the moment of a go around right? Or am I missing something. Is there any way to get it back to live at the next final? Right now I do not have any flap call outs and so on. Like she just got an heart attack when going around. (A question about Go Arounds in general: what is the right procedure after a second Go around? The MCDU wont allow me to select a runway - I ended up entering a new flight plan in the INIT)
  6. Perfect! I have no numpad on my notebook and / is shared with 7 on all QWERTZ keyboards as far as I know. However typing 456 fast even on numpad seems to be a Problem as in many cases the 5 is pressed while the 4 is not 100% released I guess.
  7. Must have missed that - where can I find the updater? Its not Part of my install somehow. I dont know if this is a Win10 issue but also all I can find in Start/search is the Airbus config file.
  8. Thanks - well wouldnt it say HDG then in PFD? For sure I use HDG selected a lot on my departures in the mountains but that shouldnt be a Problem. Using DIRECT to next WP should in all cases switch to NAV or not? Sometimes it does, may be with a hold when I am to close but sometimes just wont apply at all. Looks like sometimes the next waypoint is just not picked up.
  9. I am a non-experienced Pilot, but the grade of personal experience should not excuse a Feature not working as it should 😉 This a great feature that made me choose AS over Fslabs, so be proud you have it, why would I stop using it. I like some company in the Cockpit. Hopefully it will be adressed carefuly in the next Updates, for me its definitly not a feature you should recommend "to not use". It keeps telling me to climb to cruise level - that the most annoying one and I cannot work arround it nor can I reset or restart the checklist to the descent list. I believe the descent checklist kicked in in earlier versions as soon as I started to descent, even when the list before was not finished proper. Thanks!
  10. Nutzt Du 4K bzw. SSAA & Downsampling? Damit ist alles sehr scharf, allerdings mit der 1070 kaum zu machen 🙂
  11. Same Problem for me. Autopilot wont follow route in NAV. Sometimes I get it working again with DIRECT TO but at the next waypoint it sometimes keeps flying straight. I cannot reproduce it - just happens from time to time. (Also climbing to Cruise level wont end 4ever)
  12. Hey there, I am a big Fan of the checklists that make the cockpit feel more alive and I never had issues in P3D V3. However in V4 I am having trouble in almost every flight. 1. Opening a saved flight I have to reset aircraft state to get the checklist on again, Flight was saved clean. 2. In flight it keeps telling me to climb to cruise level even it is reached or even passed by 100feet or so. 3. Sometimes the next flight phase is then not activated and I never reach approach or final phase and have to fly manual. T/D disapears and speeds/elevations are not calcualted in FMC anymore. 4. soemtimes I hear several checklist items at the same time like it is running twice I didnt change much in the way I fy so I dont know whats happening since I switched to V4. Any Ideas? Any of this known? THANKS!
  13. Sure do. shift+7 brings up the A318 engine display everytime but wont type / and typing "456" switches to the top cockpit view. Actualy pretty much the same stuff as in this thread: Its not such a big deal however sometimes it can be tricky on final when views change...haha.
  14. For example SHIFT+7 when typing LOWI/LOWS. Sometimes even fast typing produces this like FLIGHTNR 456 on the Numpad. Number Combinations with 1,2 sometimes start the checklist. May be it acts that way when 2 keys are active the same time?
  15. I have seen the ND is just showing a black screen when popping it up so I guess it is not yet finished. With the PFD pop up window I have the strange behavior, that frames drop by 10-12. Has this may be to do with the fact that it is just a duplicated view? On the PMDG I see the PFD black out when it is undocked. There I am undocking the FOs displays and have no loss of Frames. Would that may be help for further updates of the BUS?
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