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  1. don't think it's a anti-virus problem ... i've tried on three different computers .. including my iphone ... same problem everytime ... captcha is not recognized properly i'll wait for a response from support@flightfactor.aero .... hopefully they can help thanks anyway jcb
  2. i have sent a email directly to support .... maybe they can help me
  3. same thing .... no matter what i put in the fields it WILL NOT SUBMIT ... it ALWAYS leads me back to a blank captcha field ... is there any other way to contact support?
  4. All the fields are filled in ... when i get to the captcha field, fill it in CORRECTLY, hit submit then the site says i have to fill in the blank field???? it clears the captcha field and this happens over and over again ... used different browsers even yet it happens still ... i am VERY familiar with captcha fields and never really had any problems with them ... i'll try it again today however and see if i can get a different result thanks again
  5. the support website won't accept my submit .... my activation count is exceeded thanks
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