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  1. Hello matchvisser. I've read that article, thank you! Some guys have reported they got a "better" image using a 4k TV. However my question focuses more on the image source... In other words: - Does anyone know whether the Aerosoft A320 software is able to deliver a 4k compatible quality image? It wouldn't worth buying an expensive cpu and a fantastic 3840×2160 graphics card if the A320 software will deliver just an HD quality (1920x1080) image. I could not find this information on the A320 spec.
  2. I'd like to use a large screen TV set as monitor for flying the A320. If i buy a suitable 4k graphics card and use it connected to a 4k 55" TV set, will Aerosoft A320 on FSX Steam Edition be able to supply 3840×2160 video out? I mean, real 4k video, not HD upscaled to 4k. Thanks for any typ in advance !
  3. Mathijs Kok, Aerosoft Forum Administrator, has written on December 16, 2019 on an already closed topic that "Customizing 'is' possible as it is all in XML but it is complex". Is there any literature / tutorial teaching how to ?
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