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  1. Tried your hint, CRJay - on first atempt it worked again ... all the other tries did not work so far. I'll keep investigating.
  2. I bought the CRJ in the MSFS marketplace. MSFS is the Store version
  3. I have the same issues as posted in this thread before: After Performance Update CRJ Not Working Cockpit looks like this: Switches are clickable, but nothing happens. one Enigine is running, rudders and ailerons far to one side. I tried all these things +mint install of MSFS and nothing helps. I tried all these things below (copied resolution from thread above)+mint install of MSFS and nothing helps. I just read through this thread myself, I am going to throw a few things at you to try. Please attempt them in this order, as this will essentially reset FS2020 back to a default state, and completely reset the CRJ. 1) Move the entire contents of your community folder to somewhere else (I always do this before any MSFS update) 2) This is a question and answer sort of deal, did you buy this through the FS Marketplace or through Aerosoft? If you bought it through FS Marketplace, load up the sim and delete the CRJ through the content manager under Menu->Profile->Content Manager, if through Aerosoft follow their instructions to remove it. Also make sure that you delete the Aerosoft CRJ from the community folder in general do not retain it. 3) Load up in a different airplane, does not matter which airplane, but make sure you load up into the simulator fully 4) Close the Simulator 5) Reset the CRJ, but this time delete the entire folder, I had some issues after the last CRJ Update, this resolved my problems, but we are not done yet. 6) Reset MSFS 2020 to a default state 7) Now run FS2020 in Administrator Mode 😎 Reinstall the CRJ, and let me know if it is now working
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