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  1. Hi, thank you. I took a look and found this part within the chart now and will keep an eye on the notes within the charts a bit more in the future. But one thing I am interested to know. How is the real CRJ FMS handle the input of this SID? Is it rejected or drawn in the same way? Kind ragards Peter
  2. I have found it with navdata provided by MSFS and with navdata by navigraph. I used the separate installer from navigraph for CRJ navdata too. By the way... If I enter the waypoint of SID manually they are fine. Good to hear that you can duplicate the issue too. Thank you very much for your support. Kind regards Peter
  3. Hi and thank you for taking your time to verify this issue. Sorry for asking. How are the further steps here? Have I to address this issue Separately to the developer platform? Kind regards Peter
  4. Hi, at first I'm a little bit tiered of having issues with MSFS. I would like to enjoy flying as before MSFS came up. Anyway.. I would like to fly from EDDL to LEPA.... Route was created with Simbrief: EDDL/23L MODRU1K MODRU Z283 RITAX UT27 GTQ UN852 GILIR DCT GVA DCT BALSI UN852 VERSO UL129 LUNIK LUNIK2J LEPA/06L But after enter Modru1K SID the relaxing flight ends suddenly. The Waypoint which are added are Ok but with wrong distances..... There are no discontinuities but the aircraft can't follow the route after take off. Please see my screenshots added. Double check with A320neo (standard) the SID is fine within CDU there. Any Suggestion or is this a bug within CRJ? Kind Regards Peter
  5. This can be closed. I've installed the Navigraph NavData for MSFS only, but not the separate package for Aerosoft CRJ Professional (which needs to be installed separately). After Installation ROKIL can be added as expected. Happy landings!
  6. Same for me. It Looks like the data in the PDF are valid for a earlier MSFS version. Please update these tutorials. And it would be nice if the files which are referred in the tutorial pdf are also available. At my downloaded packages are presets for EDLP-LFPG included, but not EDLP-EDDM. Seems to be packed/written in hurry 😞
  7. The aircraft didn't have a Autothrust. You have to adjust thrust manually during cuise. So you have a look on the speed all the time and if needed you have to adjust thrust manually.
  8. Hi, I try to enter following route manually into FMC of CRJ: EDDL/05R KUMIK4Z KUMIK L603 TESGA Z719 OSBIT P605 DKB T104 ROKIL ROKIL1B EDDM/26R But it's not possible to enter ROKIL. I got unknown waypoint. This happens with or without Navigraph Navdata. With A320NX the route is possible to enter without problems. The route was created by Simbrief. Load the route into CRJ FMC is OK (ROKIL is loaded without error). Manual entering this route above into A32NX is without errors. Any ideas? Or is this a bug? PS: I have EDDM scenery from Aerosoft installed too. Kind regards Peter
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