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  1. I bought this aircraft first time and then i immediately initialized flight. I've watched tutorial on Youtube and then i followed cold and dark procedure as it said. I entered aircraft and airport location at pos init section. It works fine at that section, however i cannot enter the airport codes either 'origin' 'dest' and 'altn' sections for the flight plan section. Actually it stays for a few seconds then it disappeared and turned into blank. Once i found this issue i deleted it and reinstalled this product. However, nothing changes. I'm using FSX steam edition and i'm currently using version I went to forum page and i found that someone had a same issue as i have right now. I thought the developers fixed this issue but it still happens....... Can someone tell me how to solve it? if it isn't my fault, can you tell me when the developer going to fix this??? I can't even do the first flight of this aircraft.........
  2. As same as the topic name, i can't see anythings and the error code (2S100/4) shows up when i'm trying access to download repaints section (Aerosoft CRJ liveries) How do i solve this problem?
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