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  1. sorry, tonight from egkk to ehrd. and the same problems right after the start. version done a fresh install. and all folders removed the first time after the fresh install everything went perfect but today it was again problems. I also do not know anymore.
  2. HeyIs version already released, my updater still indicates that version is the correct version.thank you very much
  3. The updater tell that he install but he install
  4. Hello perhaps it is also useful to mention which weather engine is used. This is because I am now investigating the relationship with the problem and the active sky engine. I can not prove it yet, but I begin to see a relationship with it. Maybe I'm wrong, but because it seems that not everyone suffers, you have to exclude things. Greetz
  5. sorry mathijs but I also have the speed problem and during climbing, and like today at descent. he will then shake and suddenly he will climb again. and is not controllable. and that is very annoying when you are in the ATC in the descent after a rather long flight. I put the airbus in the refrigerator until the problem is solved. I also installed the latest version. greetz
  6. Hello The firs tone is different but the other 2 are simailar with de speed problem en de bumping problem. i dont now how muich fps i hat. ad that time.
  7. Heysorry for my bad EnglishJust made a flight with the 320 version 1.22.and got the following problems! 1. during taxiing suddenly react very slowly to actions, actually temporarily uncontrollable. as suddenly as it came, it also went away 2. after the start actually the same as times the taxi moment device reacted slowly to actions. also on the CDU. This lasted 30 seconds and also recovered itself. during this inertia the plane went down sharply for 30 seconds. but this also recovered automatically 3. when the cruising level is reached, the speed will go its own way. and do not worry about the speed of the CDU. Only when you deactivate the autothrottle and activate it again will the plane pick up the speed of the CDU again. I can remember something, that the same problems also played in the airbus extendend, but I think you can still look back in the logs because I do not know for sure anymore. I hope I am clear enough, and that I helped you with this problem description Greetz Chiel
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